China Now Offering Free Applications For Families Interested in Children on Photolisting

Kanallakan family

Have you viewed China’s online photolisting recently? Were you interested in learning more about a child, but the application fee stopped you from moving forward?

Well, we have good news!

Holt is now offering free applications for families who are seriously interested in a particular child on Holt’s China photolisting, but haven’t yet committed to a placing agency. The online photolisting helps Holt find families for children who have very specific needs — whether medical, emotional or resource-based.

Families who fill out a free application will not be referred to a homestudy agency, but will be able to review the child’s file free of charge.

Only after a family is pre-matched with a child — selected for a child pending homestudy approval — will the $300 application fee be charged. If you are not pre-matched with the child, you have the option of paying the $300 application fee and proceeding with an adoption through Holt — or you can close your file.

A free application cannot be left open long-term, nor can it be used to review multiple child files over time. As always, we encourage families who plan to complete an adoption through Holt to submit a paid application so that we can move the process forward and the child can arrive home as quickly as possible.

This special fee waiver is meant to provide families who have serious interest in a particular child on our photolisting — but haven’t yet committed to Holt — the opportunity to learn more about that child and avoid upfront fees.

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