Not a Homemade Mother’s Day Gift, But Just as Meaningful


Do you remember the gifts you used to give your mother on Mother’s Day? The oh-so-cute — and often homemade — presents you’d spend hours working on just to see the look on your mother’s face on her special day. The handprint collages, the bead and noodle necklaces, the paper birdhouses and painted clay pots. Ask your mom today, and chances are she still has at least one of your “beautiful” gifts hidden away somewhere in the house.

Though not as extravagant as a spa day, as beautiful as flowers or as flashy as jewelry, your special handmade presents were priceless to your mother because they were gifts that came from the heart — the heart of her beloved child.

In 3 weeks, we celebrate Mother’s Day. And this is your chance to bring that smile to your mom’s face once again by giving another truly meaningful gift.

… Give a Gift of Hope.

By empowering a single mother with an income-generating sewing machine, vocational training, life-changing livestock or the tools to create a sustainable garden, you will give your mom the gift of knowing that she is making a difference in the lives of mothers and children around the world.

And there’s nothing more meaningful than that!

Give a Mother’s Day Gift of Hope today and we will send a card to the special woman in your life who you have chosen to honor.


Give Today! Thank you!

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