4 Ways to Celebrate World Health Day

World Health Day is April 7, and we have four easy ways that you can participate in this important global awareness day and spread improved health to the most vulnerable children, women and communities around the world. When you give a Gift of Hope, you provide lifesaving tools and resources exactly where they are needed most. Below are four health-related items of greatest need and with huge potential for impact!

Vaccines-280x3301. VACCINES

Especially in difficult-to-reach, rural areas, many children do not receive routine childhood vaccines that could save their lives — and prevent the spread of deadly disease. Giving one child the vaccines they need has limitless power to reduce child mortality. GIVE NOW!




Hygiene-280x3302. IMPROVED HYGIENE

By training a rural village in proper hygiene techniques such as hand washing and food sanitation, you can protect an entire community from dangerous diseases. GIVE NOW!






Cleft-Lip-280x3303. CLEFT LIP REPAIR

You can help provide the surgery to treat one of the most common and correctable conditions among orphaned and abandoned children living in orphanage care — cleft lip and palate. GIVE NOW!






Emergency-Care-280x3304. EMERGENCY MEDICAL CARE

When children in our family strengthening programs need emergency medical care, the cost can be so overwhelming that it makes a family vulnerable to separation. Your gift can ensure a child has access to lifesaving emergency medical care. GIVE NOW!

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