Children in China Urgently Need Adoptive Families

PeddicordsIt can take time to decide with certainty to adopt a child. But once you do make that life-changing decision, it can feel discouraging to wait even longer to bring your child home.

We understand. And we also have great news!

Right now, the need for families to adopt children with correctable conditions from China is so great that once you complete your dossier, you will likely go straight into the matching process! In the past, most families would sit on a waitlist behind other families who are hoping to adopt a child of a similar profile. But because we now have more children than families waiting to adopt, we are often able to match families who are open to a boy within several weeks of completing their dossier! The wait for a girl is also the shortest it has been in several years — currently about 5-6 months after a family’s dossier arrives in China.

Regardless of whether you are open to a boy or a girl, this means a huge dip in the wait to bring your child home.


From application to placement, families who adopt through Holt’s China program can now expect an overall wait of:

  • 12-14 months for a boy with a correctable medical condition
  • 18-20 months for a girl with a correctable medical condition
  • As little as 12 months for children who are older or have more complex special needs

In addition to the short timeframes, here are a few other reasons to consider the China program:

  • Holt has served children in China for more than 25 years, and our leadership helped to establish a stable, ethical adoption system in China.
  • We have more than a dozen orphanage partnerships that refer more than 400 children exclusively to Holt every year for home-finding.
  • As one of the few country programs that allow families to specify gender preference, Holt’s China program continues to be the best option for families hoping to adopt a girl.
  • We always need families to adopt boys, and are placing as many boys as girls.
  • The process to adopt from China is stable, well established and predictable.
  • Families are directly involved in the matching process, and always have the option of declining a referral, without penalty, and asking to be matched again.

For a more personal perspective, we can also connect you with families who have recently adopted through Holt’s China program. One family, the Peddicords, recently posted about their experience adopting through Holt on their blog:

“We chose Holt International for a few reasons. One, because of their longstanding relationship with China and international adoption. China highly respects them, and I honestly feel our process went so smoothly because of that close relationship. After 60 years, they know what they are doing!”

To read the full blog post, click here.

For more information about adopting from China, visit Holt’s China page online at or contact China Adoption Counselor Kris Bales at

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  1. We are at so much peace with our decision to adopt. And HOLT has been amazing to work with! We are only a couple of months into our China adoption paperwork and enjoying our ride very much!

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