Supported Feeding

image4While doing a SAFE feeding training in China, Holt and the SPOON Foundation helped orphanage staff practice feeding techniques on a little girl named Ru*.

Ru has cerebral palsy and is about 9 years old. Trainers and caregivers huddled around her as she let them practice safe feeding methods on her. To keep her body supported in a safe feeding position, participants stuffed pillows and towels around her body and head, during which she remained incredibly tolerant — and even liked it!

“What I like best about the feeding portion of this training,” says Aloura, “is how it gives caregivers the technical expertise to engage and interact with these children who are otherwise difficult to engage with if you haven’t had prior training or experience.”

Aloura laughs as she describes how Ru’s face completely changed as soon as she was raised up to a sitting position. “Her face was so funny! You could tell that there was a sage little soul in there,” Aloura says. “She just had a little smile and was happily looking around — it was so sweet. She was just so happy the whole time because of the attention she was getting.”

During this training, Ru acted as a model to help her caregivers practice SAFE feeding. But she was also there as a representative of all of the other children in her care center who will now grow healthy and strong as they are fed properly with the nutrients they need to thrive.

*Name changed

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