How a SNAF Grant Helped Zack Just in Time!

In China, 13-year-old Zack was running out of time. If he reached his 14th birthday, his chances of having a permanent family in the United States would be lost forever.

In the U.S., the Gremillion family was waiting to be matched with a child through Holt’s Korea program. That was until they saw Zack’s photo in a Holt e-mail update. “His ‘age out’ date was drawing near,” Whitney Gremillion says. “So we had to work hard and fast to get this amazing child home.”


Because of the short timeframe, the Gremillions needed to come up with adoption funds much quicker than they originally planned. Fortunately, the Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF) was there to help. Provided by generous Holt donors, SNAF grants help children with special needs come home as soon as possible by helping their families overcome the financial obstacles of adopting them.

Thanks to SNAF donors, the Gremillions completed their adoption and Zack made it home just in time! “Our adoption was made possible by the SNAF,” Whitney says.

Just one donation from you today could make all the difference for a family who needs extra help completing their adoption. And for older children — children who might soon lose their adoption eligibility and the chance at having a family — a donation from you could mean everything!



Help an older child come home.  Give a SNAF gift today! 

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