Holden Needs a Family

Holden is almost 4 years old. And when you’re almost 4 years old, you’re becoming a big boy. Every day, there are all sorts of new and exciting things that you find out you can do. And Holden can do lots of cool things!

Every day, he learns new words — like “pumpkin” and “apple” — and he can even pronounce his full name. He can button up his shirt all the way and put toys away when he’s done playing. He is learning to brush his teeth and can feed himself with a spoon. He can build a tower 13 stacking blocks high and can color pictures, although not completely in the lines. He can stand on one leg for a long time and when he plays outside, he can balance while walking over a flat and narrow wooden stick. And to think, he’s not even 4 yet!

HoldenStackingBlocksHolden’s mother left him at the hospital soon after he was born, and he stayed there for five months while his social worker tried to track down his birth family, to no avail. After that, he was placed in the care of a loving foster family whom he has lived with ever since. He loves playing with members of his foster family and always rushes to tell his foster mom when he sees her that his foster dad is arriving home. He has a good appetite for his favorite food, fried fish with rice, and every day he takes a nap to the hushed sound an electric fan, which he needs to help him fall asleep. He is confident, not afraid of strangers and will excitedly start a conversation with anyone he knows. He loves running around and playing soccer with other friends his age.

While a little jaundiced at birth and diagnosed with G6PD deficiency, Holden is now in good health and on track developmentally. He loves to be complimented on how smart he is — encouraged by positive reinforcement and affirmation.

Holden with his foster parents.
Holden with his foster parents.

HoldenMotorcycleHolden needs a permanent family to love and care for him as he grows and continues to learn more things. His quirky grin, excitement for life, and love for those around him will bring so much joy to his future family.

Help us spread the word about this playful and curious almost-4-year-old. Share about him on social media! You never know if you could be the one who introduces Holden to his adoptive family.

Though there can be some flexibility on a case-by-case basis, we are looking for adoptive parents for Holden who are between the ages of 25 and 45, have been married at least three years, and who have up to one child in the home.

Could you, or someone you know, be Holden’s permanent, loving family? Contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org for more information about Holden and the eligibility requirements for adopting him. 

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  1. Hi Heather, Thanks for your interest in Holden! Kristen Henry should be getting in touch with you shortly 🙂

  2. Hi Jacque,

    Holden already has a family. However, we have many children who are still waiting. Have you called or emailed us to request more information? We’d love to speak with you further!

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