This Sibling Group of 5 Needs a Family

Think about your siblings, or maybe even your own children. Maybe one is the jokester, sure to bring lots of laughs around the dinner table. Another might be the nurturing oldest child, playing the role of the “second” mom or dad to their younger siblings. Then there’s always the “baby” of the family, supplying cuteness overload as they wrap themselves around everyone else’s fingers.

Brothers and sisters grow up together and are often each other’s playmates, competitors and best friends. Whether a family is comprised of two, four or eight children, each sibling holds his or her own special role and place. Each brother or sister — with their unique personality, humor and quirks — contributes to making your family your family. If anyone were missing, it wouldn’t be the same…

That’s why, when sibling groups are in need of adoptive families, we are dedicated to keeping them together.

We’re currently searching for a loving, permanent family for this sibling set of five from Southeast Asia. While it will take an extra special family to adopt them, we know they will thrive with a family that gives them the love and attention they so desperately need.

We are unable to post individual photos of children in this sibling group due to country requirements, but if you are interested in learning more about these siblings, contact us and we can share them with you! Could you, or someone you know, open your heart to these brothers and sisters?

These siblings were all relinquished together 4 years ago when their mother could no longer care for them. They all know English, to varying degrees, and they are very active! In their photos, they seem to be running all over the place — playing soccer, doing handstands and even the splits!

Jessica, 15

The eldest of the five siblings is Jessica. She is known to care and look out for her younger siblings. She loves badminton, sewing and making artistic birthday cards and letters for her friends. While she initially had trouble with school and navigating social situations — due to poor nutrition and instability in her home life — she now excels in school. Her teachers say she is smart and seems to understand things at a higher level than her peers. Jessica has a witty sense of humor and enjoys word games and brainteasers. She can converse easily in English, is talkative and is not afraid to stand up for herself. She is said to have a strong character, inherited from her birth parents. While she had the strongest remaining connection with her birth mother — the loss of which has inflicted some stress — she is open with her counselor about difficulties in her past. She has made amazing growth in all areas since coming to the care home.

Emma, 13

Emma is an active girl who is very animated, yet sensitive. She is competitive and loves to play soccer and board games. She is also very adventurous and when she was younger, she went on a camping trip where she slept outside, swam in the ocean, did relay sports and other outdoorsy activities. She has a beautiful singing voice and loves to perform in front of her friends. She is affectionate with her caregivers and is especially kind and considerate with younger kids. Emma is well coordinated and graceful and loves to dance and juggle the soccer ball. She is an energetic and determined player. She is a “thinker” and likes to talk with adults and ask tough questions. She is also observant and catches onto jokes easily. Her caregivers say she has a lot of diverse strengths.

Caleb, 11

Caleb is sure to have a bright future as a gymnast! He is coordinated and flexible and seems to do flips and other gymnastics moves with great ease and fearlessness! He prefers this type of activity to soccer and other contact sports. He likes to read and write and is a great student. He is in an advanced math class and his teacher says he is a perfect speller. He is quick to pick up on concepts and works hard at everything he does — he even got the highest score on his final tests last term. While he can sometimes be stubborn with his caregivers, he has learned how to self-correct and is now able to calm himself down well. He is not very talkative, but has a friendly smile and often volunteers to wash dishes after meals.

Jayden, 8

An identical twin and the youngest of the sibling group, Jayden is happy and active. He can be found zooming his scooter around the play area, racing against friends and playing soccer. His current favorite things to do are fly kites and collect ants — which he then makes a home for in a bucket that he keeps outside. He also likes stringing leaves together on sticks. He very clearly knows right from wrong and will even report to his caregivers when he sees an adult riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Sometimes he and his brother are said to be “somewhat naughty at church” and need the reminder to behave. He shows kindness to other children and recently was very interested in making friends with and caring for a new friend who was in a wheelchair. Jayden is smart, observant and adventurous in school and shows confidence in all of his interactions. He likes to sing, talk and ask lots of questions. His caregivers call him an adorable and charming child.

Jordan, 8

Identical twin to Jayden, Jordan is energetic, active and quite skilled on the scooter. He eagerly approaches visitors and when he was younger he like to be hugged and held by his caregivers. Jordan is more quiet and reserved than his twin brother, does not like to sing and is more talkative at home than when he is at school. Jordan is very creative! When he was younger, he loved to pretend to be various animals and run around on all fours. Now he prefers to build Lego airplanes and fly them around the room, or to put on a cape and run around likes his favorite superheroes.


While we can’t identify the specific children in this sibling set, here they are with other children in their care home. This photo was taken during a Holt Ambassador trip.

None of these siblings have significant medical needs, however they will need a family that is experienced and/or prepared to help them through past traumas and other aspects of older child adoption. As they have gone through a lot of instability in their lives, they need a family that can give them lots of security, love and attention.

Holt International has access to significant amount of information about these children and their birth family. For families interested in learning more about these siblings, with photos and information about each child, please contact Kristen Henry at

With consideration to adoption fees for this sibling group, we highly encourage families to apply for adoption grants — including our own Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF). Please talk with your adoption counselor to apply or for more information.

Read more about adopting and parenting sibling groups here.

*All names have been changed


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