Lile Needs a Family to Care for Him

UPDATE: As of April 2016, Lile has a family!

Holt Ambassador Andrea advocates again for Lile, an 8 year old who has complex congenital heart disease. Her heart breaks that he has, as of now, had no families inquire about him. 

IMG_2768-540x720The room was brightly lit and full of activity. Excited children clamored about and I strained to catch a glimpse of the two boys whom I had been partnered with for the week as part of Holt’s Beijing Ambassador trip. Suddenly, I saw “Lile”! I watched as he walked into the room and looked about, surveying the activities keenly. I felt giddy with excitement, so thrilled to have a chance to get to know him and hopefully assist in finding his forever family.

I jotted down notes as I watched him. He seemed well liked by the other children, he minded the ayis [caregivers], he was able to sit still during presentations, and he was very aware of his surroundings. I detected a bit of anxiousness emanating from him — seemingly from his need to make sure that the other children were participating and having fun. He was constantly looking around to be certain that nobody was left out. My heart melted when he noticed a toddler girl who was standing alone while the other little ones were being guided through an activity. He marched up to her and very gently, with a hand on each of her shoulders, guided her over to the activity and made sure she was engaged.

There is something very special about this boy. He possesses a sensitivity and compassion that made an impression on me. At mealtimes he would survey my plate and the plates of those around us and then promptly disappear to the buffet, reemerging a few minutes later with a plate piled high with whatever he had seen missing from the plates of those around him. He would then proceed to serve everyone and insist that they sample whichever treats he had found so wonderful! I kept imagining him with a loving family — a family to provide him with sustenance, the chance to be served and the chance to just be a kid.

My heart is breaking for this precious child. I learned that there have been no inquiries about him. No families have called Holt wanting to learn more about him or see his file. And I can’t help but be convinced that if ten families spent a day with him, there would be ten families fighting over who would be blessed to get to call Lile their son. He’s really that special.

As my heart breaks, Lile’s heart is broken with complex congenital heart disease. And because of a lack of resources, he will not get the care he so desperately needs while in China. Lile needs help. He needs hope. He needs love. He needs a family that will walk what may be a tough road with him. I’ve walked that road with my four children from China born with congenital heart disease and I can assure you that it’s a road well worth taking.

Lile’s diagnosis and prognosis have unknowns. That is true. But what I also know to be true is that in the spaces between those big and scary moments of parenting a child with significant medical needs, there are the thousands of simple moments.

There will be the times when this little boy will feed you:

Version 2


And there will be the times when he will insist on doing your hair for you while you eat breakfast:

Version 2

There will be times when he will proudly show you his latest creation:

Photo 3

And when he is weary, he will find comfort with you:

Photo 4

And he will celebrate with you:

Version 2


Please consider making this soulful little boy your little boy.

Andrea | Adoptive Mom

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