In the Knick of Time


A Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF) grant helped Max come home quickly so that he could receive the medical care that he so desperately needed. 

Six-year-old Max has no spleen. HIs body lacks the ability to fight infection, and every time he has a fever, his family has to rush him to the ER.

Thankfully, Max has a wonderful, devoted family — a family that obsessively watches him for any sign of sickness. A family that would drop everything to make sure he receives the vital healthcare he needs. 

But a year ago, circumstances were different. Max lived in an orphanage in China, with dozens of other kids who needed attention from a limited number of caregivers. Given his precarious health condition — including a complex heart defect that was left untreated until the age of 3 — Max was especially vulnerable. Vulnerable to getting sick. And vulnerable to the possibility that no one would come to his immediate aid.

Like so many orphaned and abandoned kids with special needs, Max urgently needed a family — a family that could provide both the nurturing attention and medical care that he so desperately needed. 

“He was going to need to have [surgery] very soon after coming home as it is usually performed by the age of 3 and he was 5 then,” says Heather, Max’s mom.

Every minute was precious. And only one obstacle stood in the way.

Like so many families, Heather and her husband, Vince, were struggling to pull together the funding to complete Max’s adoption. That’s when they received a grant from Holt’s Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF).

“The money that we have been awarded will help make sure that we are able to bring him home as quickly as possible, so that he can get the treatments he will need,” they wrote in a letter shortly afterward, thanking the generous donors who gave to the SNAF.

Heather and Vince Preston with their two boys, both adopted from China.

Heather and Vince brought Max home in June of last year. He is, his mom says, the “most loving, sweet, adorable son who is getting the healthcare he needs.”

With your gift to the Special Needs Adoption Fund, you can help to ensure that a child like Max can come home as quickly as possible to a loving, devoted family.

Because for a child with special needs, every minute counts. And so does every dollar.

Help children come home through the Special Needs Adoption Fund! 

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