Siblings Jac and Salina Need a Family!

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Jac & Salina NowJac is kind and loves to help others without being asked.

Salina is affectionate, responsible and polite.

Jac is imaginative, plays the flute and wants to be a car mechanic.

Salina is artistic and dreams of being a teacher.

These are some of the characteristics given to describe Jac and Salina — siblings a year and a half apart in age who live with a foster family in Southeast Asia. Jac and Salina came into the care of our local partner when they were very young — Salina at 2, and Jac at 10 months — and have grown up in the same foster family since 2007, when Jac was 2 and Salina was 3.

Because Jac and Salina have been in our partner’s care for so long, you can watch these two beautiful children grow and change in photos and detailed reports from social workers who have come to know them well. From chubby babies to the confident 10 and 11-year-olds they are now, Jac and Salina have almost always known the love and stability of their foster family — and it shows. In early photos, they look a bit unsure and stoic. But as time passes, they look like just the happiest, most well loved kids. In one recent photo of Salina with her foster mom, they share the same warm smile and light, joyful faces. In his photos, Jac’s eyes seem to glow with laughter and a confident, self-possessed expression. These photos make you want to know them.

THHSA06-0015 Soifah Nuch-chuang_PR34_FH_2In reports from those who do know them, their charming personalities become even more vivid.

“These siblings showed a lot of maturity and confidence and a good balance between wariness and openness in engaging with me, a stranger to them,” shares Jessica Palmer, Holt’s director of adoption services for Southeast Asia who met Jac and Salina in July 2014. “The relationship between them seemed easy and loving, with just a hint of rivalry as well.”

During one summer vacation, Jac decided to spend his free time doing an ordination project at the local BuddhistTHHSA06-0012 Jirawin Wongjanta_PR34_FH_2 temple. Here he learned to meditate, and characteristic of his friendly personality, he often makes the traditional greeting of respect — palms pressed to forehead — without being instructed.

Salina likes to play sports, such as volleyball and badminton, loves to plan and cook meals and is a consistently good student. She even asked to attend extra classes on Saturdays to study math, language and arts — and last year, she won first prize in a drawing competition!

Although successful in many ways, Jac and Salina have had a difficult past, and they dTHHSA06-0015+F. Mother_PR33_FH_4o face some challenges. Jac has trouble with certain pronunciations, for which he began speech therapy in 2013. He has also been diagnosed with ADHD and takes Ritalin twice per day, which helps with his concentration. Both Jac and Salina bounced between a couple different foster homes before coming to live with the family they have now, and Salina was adopted by her aunt’s family but then returned to our partner’s care after a brief time with her grandmother. For most of their lives, however, they have thrived in the stability and nurturing care of the same devoted foster family — a strong foundation that will ultimately help them build loving attachments with an adoptive family.

“While the grief of leaving their long-term foster family will be immense,” says Jessica, “I believe that the relationship the siblings have with each other — and the years of loving care they have received in this foster family — will be an excellent base from which to start their integration into an adoptive family.”

Jac and Salina are wonderful children who deserve the unconditional love that only a permanent family can provide. Could that be you or someone you know?

The family that adopts Jac and Salina should have a good understanding of grief and loss and have access to resources and support to help with a likely challenging transition. For more information about these siblings and eligibility requirements to adopt them — and to view their video with translated subtitles — contact Kristen Henry at

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