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My name is Angie Lewis. I was able to attend the November ambassador trip to Beijing, China with Holt International. I am the mother of five children ranging from ages of 6 to 20 years old. Our youngest is adopted from China, and was 4 years old when we brought her home. Our family has been blessed beyond what words can say by our sweet Nicole. After adopting Nicole, we felt our role in adoption was so much more than just bringing her home. When Holt announced this trip, I knew it was the next step I needed to take in helping orphans. So I am pleased to introduce Clyde, a sweet boy I met in Beijing.      

1104151156aI was so blessed to spend time in China with this delightful boy. Look at that wonderful smile! Every time I would see Clyde, he had that wonderful smile across his face. He brought joy and laughter to everyone he met.

During our trip to the zoo, he loved taking pictures — and he was really great at it!

During one of our times together, he and another boy began to sing “Happy Birthday” to me after hearing the group of adults sing to me at dinner. On his own, Clyde also sang to me. The smile across his face as he sang was beautiful, and Clyde was so caring towards me and his friends. He shared food with me when we would sit down to eat and sometimes, he would insist on giving his things to me.

Clyde lives in a foster home within his orphanage. He was diagnosed with “loose joints in the leg,” but after spending a week with him, I only saw it give him a problem once. After walking all day at the zoo, he complained a little and slowed down but did not stop. He is able to run, jump and climb stairs, just like any other child his age.1104151305-405x720 (2)

Clyde loves to color and play with cars, and he is great at figuring out paper mazes. From my interactions with him, I can tell that he is a smart boy and eager to learn. By the end of the week, he even wanted to count in English!

Clyde is well liked by all the children and adults. He is so full of energy and good at making friends.

I cannot find the words to express what a joy this boy would be for a family — he is so easy to love.


Angie Lewis | Holt Ambassador to Beijing , China

We recently featured Clyde during National Adoption Month

To learn more about Clyde and the eligibility requirements for adopting him, contact Jessica Zeeb at

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