Smiley, Energetic Clyde Needs a Family!

Chang Le De_Dec. 15, 2014 (2)The first thing you notice about 10-year-old Clyde is his smile. Not only is it a nice smile, one that reaches all the way up to his eyes and invites others to smile back, but it seems to be permanently on his face! This is especially true when he is playing — when he’s running around and when he’s throwing a ball back and forth with a friend, and especially when he has an audience!

Maybe these things especially make him smile because running and playing were not always things he could do. Clyde was born premature and has “loose joints in the leg.” But as you can see in his videos, it doesn’t stop him!

He came into Holt’s care as an infant and continues to be a source of joy to his caregivers. He attends school in his care home and is well liked by his leaders and teachers—who frequently praise his work. They describe him as a kind, extroverted, clever and active boy.
Chang Le De_Dec. 15, 2014 (1)He also has quite the artistic side. He can recite Tang poetry and loves doing crafts in his art class. Clyde is a natural leader. He is often found helping out other classmates and says that when he grows up he would like to be a teacher for young children.

Clyde would absolutely thrive in a family of his own! He needs a family to help him continue to develop and explore all of his diverse talents. He will do best in a family that is experienced and/or prepared for older child adoption. We know this would bring a huge, beautiful smile to his face.

To learn more about Clyde and the eligibility requirements for adopting him, contact Jessica Zeeb at



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