MYTH: Only Girls Need Families

This November for National Adoption Month, we are — one at a time — taking on some of the many myths that surround adoption. Today, we’ll tackle one that may especially surprise you. Here it is:

Only girls are in need of families. Myth!

Where does this belief come from? Years ago, there were thousands of baby girls abandoned in China as an unintended consequence of the country’s one-child policy. These girls were found on benches in train stations, and on the front steps of churches and orphanages. Most were brought to orphanages where they waited, in dire need of a family.

When this first began happening, news of their need spread like wildfire and many of these abandoned girls were placed in loving families through adoption agencies, including Holt. Between 2002-2006, more than 30,000 children from China joined adoptive families overseas — the vast majority of them girls.

p19jgr940jjbd11j8133a1f7j3rpaBut during the same time period, a dramatic shift began to occur. Due to greater family planning and compliance with the one-child policy, families began to have fewer children — causing fewer overall cases of abandonment. Meanwhile, China’s growing economy (along with high rates of infertility) helped spur a rapid growth in domestic adoption — allowing children in care the opportunity to grow up in the country and culture of their birth. As a result of these changes, many more children either remained in the loving care of their families or joined adoptive families in China.

Because of these and other factors, the need for girls to join families through international adoption experienced a significant slowdown.

In fact, there are more boys waiting to join a family than girls — in China and around the world.

Yet still, the perception persists — a perception that girls need families more than boys.

But it’s a false perception.

Ip19iq9v73khtc1k7v191v15r0ovk3n truth, there is a very strong need for families to adopt boys. Yet many still believe that girls are in the greatest need.

Do you know that over 80 percent of adoptive families request a girl?

This leaves us out of balance.
This means that boys are left waiting for a family much longer than girls. But they are just as much in need of a loving forever family. And because so many boys wait longer, you could even say their need is greater! These little boys need a family to nurture them as they grow, to teach them right and wrong, read them books and snuggle them before bedtime.

If you take a look at our waiting child photolisting, you’ll find that many of the boys have no physical or medical needs. Their only “special need” is their age — that they have been waiting long, too long, for a family.

As we focus on the boys today, please don’t misunderstand us. We LOVE girls, and many girls are also waiting for families. But we can’t forget the boys.

As part of this National Adoption Month, join us in being an advocate for boys who are waiting for a family. If adoption is on your heart, or you know someone who is looking into it, consider adopting a boy.

Help us to spread the word and dispel the myth!

Both girls AND boys around the world are in need of loving homes.Unknown



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