How do you recognize the true meaning of Christmas?


How do you bring the true spirit of Christmas into your holiday celebrations?

Do you teach your children or grandchildren about sharing with those less fortunate? Do you volunteer at a soup kitchen? Or participate in local food drives?

Giving a gift to someone in need — someone you’ve never met — is always a beautiful expression of God’s love and compassion, and an excellent way to teach children about gratitude, generosity and kindness.

This Christmas, have you considered giving a gift to a child in one of Holt’s programs as a way to recognize the true meaning of the holiday? We know, as a friend of Holt, that you have a strong heart for orphaned and vulnerable children. And this year, we are making it easy to share the abundance of the holidays with a child in need.

With each gift of $25 given online today — or no later than November 30 — you can help provide a holiday meal, a special gift and a merry celebration to a child who may not know the joy of Christmas without you.

Invite your children or grandchildren to get involved as well — teaching them about love and compassion for others, and that as members of a global community, we should reach out and lift up our neighbors when they need our support.

Thank you for your kindness and compassion. Together, we can teach our children the true meaning of Christmas, while sending love and joy to children in greatest need.



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