On Orphan Sunday, Raise Your Voice

Today, there are an estimated 132 million “orphans” in the world.

But did you know that 90 percent of these children actually have at least one parent who is alive, or an extended web of grandparents or family members?

In the United States, we would never consider the child of a single parent an orphan.

The same should be true for every child around the world. Although many children have endured the trauma of losing one parent, they still have family that love and care for them.

But even though their families love them, in far too many cases children end up abandoned or displaced — especially if they have already lost one parent. Or, too often, children and families survive without proper nutrition, clothing and other necessities that are essential for their wellbeing. Children are at constant risk of losing their families due to poverty, illness or other hardships. They are, in other words, at risk of becoming orphaned or abandoned.

Together, we can prevent that from happening…

On Sunday, November 8, churches across the globe will observe Orphan Sunday as a time to recognize the world’s most vulnerable children. As we recognize their great needs, we must back our sympathy with action.

Sponsoring a child is an effective way to provide for orphaned and vulnerable children. In many cases, you help to prevent child abandonment by strengthening a family over time and providing for their immediate needs.

Watch this video to see how child sponsorship works to keep families together.

This Orphan Sunday, we challenge you to raise your voice and advocate for the world’s most vulnerable children by promoting child sponsorship in your community. Find out if your church is taking part in Orphan Sunday and use it as a way to encourage individuals and families to sponsor a child through Holt International!

We even have free resources to help you spread the word — including the video above, as well as fliers, church bulletin advertisements and more. We encourage you to show the video above in your church, on your Facebook and anywhere you can.

Thank you for giving love, protection and hope for the future to children in need.

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