Can you guess what gift made children shriek with joy?


It’s only October. So why are we blogging about Christmas?
Because in order to create an incredible Christmas for every orphaned and vulnerable child we serve, we need you now.

This year, let’s create something truly magical for children. Miraculous, even.

So many of the children in Holt’s programs have experienced so much pain and poverty — hardships that no one should ever have to endure, but especially children. The children in our programs have an adult-like maturity. You can see the worry in their eyes.

While sponsors and supporters like you work every day to eliminate the worry from their lives by providing practical tools and resources, children also need wonderment and silliness and joy. To a child, something as simple as a holiday party with games and decorations, a special meal together and a gift — picked special for each of them — is absolutely amazing. We see children dance and sing and play and laugh in exactly the way a child should. You can almost see the hope these parties restore for children, as well as their families.

Just look at these faces filled with joy during Christmas celebrations at Holt programs last year:

In Cambodia: Parents and children from three communities celebrated together on Christmas day, complete with games, a talent show and a holiday lunch. Each child received a gift and care items like soaps, toothbrushes and toothpaste.
In Bangalore, India: During their party, preschool children performed a fashion show, while older children acted out the nativity. Staff prepared a decadent meal, and children received gifts of clothes, toys or books, depending on their wishes.
In Pune, India: Foster families and older adoptees decorated a Holt-supported care center for orphaned and abandoned boys and girls. Garlands glistened on trees and snowflakes hung from every corner. Children sang carols, played games and danced with their caregivers before enjoying gifts of coloring books, art supplies and special cakes.
In Vietnam: Children shrieked and screamed when they opened a beautifully wrapped gift of special foods and snacks! Along with a fun party, children also received new clothing and school supplies and completed a craft sent by Holt child sponsors.

It only costs about $25 to provide a gift and joyous celebration for one child.

By making your special gift online today, you give a holiday miracle to a child and family who may not experience the joy of Christmas without you.

Give today — or before November 30 — to ensure your special gift arrives in time for the holidays!

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