Volunteer for Holt at Winter Jam!

What is Winter Jam?

kristina-heatherWinter Jam is a 10-band Christian concert tour that hits nearly 60 cities each year. It’s also one of Holt’s biggest opportunities to find and reach new child sponsors — people with a heart for the children Holt serves, willing to give $34 per month to change a child’s life. Holt partners with Christian band NewSong, the band that started Winter Jam in 1995. They traveled with us to India, China and Haiti — spending their days with orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children whose lives have been changed by the generosity of Holt’s sponsors, supporters and adoptive families. Then, seeing the great need for Holt to serve more children, they took to the stage, using their talents to advocate for children. Since our partnership with NewSong and Winter Jam began in 2006, Holt has welcomed nearly 62,000 sponsors into our programs — representing thousands of little lives forever changed.

Join the Holt Volunteer community and register to volunteer now! 

dishart1-2Every place where we work, our programs are expanding due to the great need — which means that we have thousands of children waiting for a sponsor.

That’s why we need you, and all your friends, your youth group, church congregation, neighbors, co-workers, family and everyone else who you can bring.

When you volunteer at a Winter Jam concert near you, we give you free admission to the show, and in return, you learn about Holt’s sponsorship program, how to sign up new sponsors, and perhaps how to tell your own story to encourage others to become sponsors. When registering, you may choose to work at a table during the show or in the aisles during intermission — signing up new sponsors.

Winter Jam is a great way for you (and all your friends!) to attend Winter Jam, and feel great knowing that for every sponsor you help sign up, you have a hand in changing a child’s life forever.

Join the Holt Volunteer community and register to volunteer now! 

Volunteering is a 6-8 hour commitment. You must be 16 or older to register to volunteer. You will receive training by email before the concert, and then meet in person for more training at the venue. We will make sure you know everything you need to know to be a great volunteer!

We also encourage Holt adoptees or sponsors to volunteer. We want you to share your story — and your journey with Holt — with those around you.

We request that volunteers stay for the entire duration of the concert, including time before the show for training. You will have breaks. Unfortunately, dinner and beverages are not provided. We recommend you bring cash to purchase food at the venue.

Who is Holt, and what is their model of service to children?

At Holt International, we seek a world where every child has the support and resources to reach their full potential — a world where every child has a loving and secure home. Around the world, we work toward our vision by providing individualized, child-focused services in three main program areas:

Family Strengthening:

We believe that children should grow up in the loving care of their families. That’s why our first priority is always to strengthen and preserve struggling families, whenever possible. Through nutritional, financial, health, education and counseling services, we provide the tools and resources families need to grow stable and self-reliant — addressing the root causes of child abandonment, and creating a safe, supportive environment for children to grow and thrive.

Orphan and Vulnerable Child Care:

Through our global network of on-the-ground experts and partnerships, we ensure that children who have been orphaned, abandoned or separated from their families receive the highest quality care while we work to reunite them with their families or unite them with a loving adoptive family. We do this through a holistic program of medical, nutritional, educational and psychosocial services tailored to fit their individual needs and carried out in a nurturing environment.

Adoption Services:

When adoption is the best option for a child, we first strive to find a domestic adoptive family in the country of the child’s birth. When international adoption is the best route to a stable, loving family, our expert team of adoption professionals works across the U.S. to find the family best suited to care for each child’s unique needs. And through pre- and post-adoption support and resources, we work to ensure lifelong success for both children and their families.

We dream of a world where every child has a permanent, loving family. Child sponsors in the United States are critical to this mission. With their gift of $34 per month, child sponsors help to ensure their sponsored child has access to education, nutritious food, medical care and the love and security of a family. For children living with their birth families, we offer vocational training and educational opportunities to parents so they can grow stable and self-reliant. For children who are orphaned or separated from their families, sponsors support foster homes and childcare centers — partners hand-selected by Holt because they offer the highest level of care while we work to reunite children with their birth families, or find them a loving adoptive family.

Join the Holt Volunteer community and register to volunteer now! 

8 Replies to “Volunteer for Holt at Winter Jam!”

  1. I used to attend this when I lived in Tampa and is how I became a sponsor. I am now adopting a child from India via Holt, but I live in Boston. Understanding that Boston is an unreached peoples group, a reason why my church plant started here, I am wondering if there is a close venue?
    Best, Josie

  2. I would be interested in helping with sponsor sign up on the main floor. I did this in the past and I’m also a adoptee through Holt. I would like to bring one other person with me if possible.


  3. We’re very interested in volunteering for Las vegas show. Me, My son, 16, and daughter with me 9. we have enjoyed your shows for 3 years previous and are interested in helping more in a directed controlled group this this year. We believe in the outreach of the program and wish to lead the searching to Christ through the sound of this amazing venue.

    Christ Lead Mother
    Lori Hall

  4. My husband and I are sponsoring our second Holt child now and began after we saw New Song in Portsmouth, OH. We’d like to volunteer for the one that will be in Charleston, WV that isn’t listed yet. Is this possible?

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