An Exciting Opportunity to Advocate for Children with HIV in China

We are now recruiting families for Holt’s first ever ambassador trip to China!

The Children’s Home in Nanning cares for 30 boys and girls, ages 2-17. As the children may face discrimination if identified, we cannot share their photos.

The Children’s Home in Nanning provides care for children who were born with HIV, whose parents have passed away, and who face discrimination in their cities, towns and villages because of their status. Extended family are afraid to care for them, landlords won’t rent to them, and public schools don’t want them in their classrooms. The Children’s Home, with financial and advisory support from Holt and various other charities like, provides these children with a home where they can receive an education, medical care and affection from caregivers who do not fear them because of their HIV status. For a firsthand account of a Holt staff member’s visit to this special facility, please see Samantha Gammon’s blog post.

We are so thankful for the love and care these children are receiving from the dedicated caregivers at theNanning1 Children’s Home, but we are seeking to provide them with something more—permanent, loving adoptive families. Holt is advocating for the necessary paperwork to be completed so that these children can be placed with adoptive families. We have already matched two of these children and are home-finding for a brother and sister, and a beautiful 13-year-old girl. Both the older sister and the 13-year-old girl will age out of the adoption process in the next year. After that time, they will no longer have the opportunity to be adopted. For more information about what aging out means in China, please read this article, and contact us if you would like to see photos or learn more about these children.

Kris Photo 9-13[1]
China adoption counselor Kris Bales will lead Holt’s first ambassador trip to China.
How You Can Help—An Exciting Opportunity
Many of our families wonder how they can help vulnerable children like these — and we have an exciting answer to that question! During the last week of October, China adoption counselor Kris Bales will be leading our first ever ambassador trip to China! We are hoping to recruit five families to accompany her to Nanning. You will have the opportunity to spend several days with the children, getting to know their stories and participating in activities with them. Upon your return to the U.S., you will advocate for these children, spreading the word about them and their need for loving adoptive families. Holt will provide you with materials and ideas to help with your advocacy.

  • The ambassador trip will take place October 24-31.
  • A “family” could be a couple, a single person, or a parent with an older teen.
  • Families will meet in Seattle and fly together to Nanning. After spending four days with the children at locations around Nanning, advocates will spend a day visiting beautiful Dashing by car and boat.
  • Holt will be sharing the travel costs for ambassador families. Each person will need to arrange their own flight to and from Seattle and contribute $2,000. Holt will cover the cost of international flights, hotels, group meals and the day trip to Dashing.
  • Kris Bales has been with Holt International for twelve years and has two daughters who were born in Nanning. She has made four trips to Nanning, including a visit to the Children’s Home in May 2014.
  • There are more than two dozen children living in the Children’s Home who have tested HIV+ and are receiving the necessary medication to keep them healthy. These children range in age from 3 to 13, and are both girls and boys.

If you would like more information about becoming an ambassador for these special children, please contact Kris Bales at



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