60 years later, will you carry on the legacy of Harry and Bertha Holt?


On August 11, 1955, Bertha Holt was distracted. She had children to feed, guests to entertain and dinner to prepare.

Her phone rang, and she answered without expectation. It was a telegram, delivering the news she had been waiting for.

The Holt Bill had passed the House — allowing Holt International founders Bertha and her husband Harry to adopt eight children from Korea! It had passed in the Senate just two weeks prior, and this news meant that it would now become a law!

After months of advocacy, lobbying and fighting for God’s plan, it was done! History had been made, and with one bill, the definition of family would forever change.

Bertha’s first words in response were so telling of her character: “We need to have a prayer meeting,” she told her children and guests.

Together, the Holts got down on their knees alongside their friends and family and poured out the thanksgiving that was dwelling in each of their hearts.

Today, we celebrate the 60th anniversary of that special day, and we reflect on all the ways we’ve continued to fight for every child to have a loving and secure home. We also look to the future, and pray about how we can continue to help children waiting for a permanent, loving family.

On this special day in the history of adoption, please consider giving to Holt’s Special Needs Adoption Fund! Your gift will ensure that finances never stand between a child and a loving family — showing the world that 60 years later, you join us in carrying on Harry and Bertha’s legacy. Together, we can advocate for every child to have a home of their own.


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