The biggest barrier between children and education is …


Around the world, more than 57 million children don’t attend school.

Why? Gender-based violence and discrimination are a couple reasons, but not the biggest.

The main reason? Cost.

In many developing countries, public schools are not free. The cost of tuition can be more than a few hundred U.S. dollars per term — an overwhelming expense to an already struggling family.

Helping to keep children in school is a simple — and effective — way to keep a family stable, prevent child abandonment and break the cycle of poverty forever.

Holt’s dedicated child sponsors provide the tools and support to help children reach for their dreams, focus on their studies and succeed in school by covering the cost of their sponsored child’s tuition.

But we are asking you to rise up and help children in need, too — this time to provide for the additional costs associated with the exciting back-to-school time.

For $17, you can help cover the costs of books, shoes, uniforms and supplies for an orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable child — and help a child without a sponsor to stay in school.




Thank you for giving children and families the tools to build a successful, hopeful future. You are transforming the world for an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child.

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