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babyIn February, we reached out to all of our friends, child sponsors, adoptive families and more to raise money for the Special Needs Adoption Fund, which provides financial aid and grants to eligible families waiting to bring their child home. Your gifts are already working miracles in the lives of children and families. Since the beginning of the year, you’ve helped more than 39 families receive SNAF grants.

For over two decades, Holt supporters like you have helped children come home through the Special Needs Adoption Fund. Since 1994, over 600 families have received SNAF grants — giving them the critical support they need to adopt a child with a special medical or developmental condition.

But every year, the need grows bigger and bigger. Most of the children Holt now places with families have some form of special need — and in 2014, over half had moderate to major needs. As many of these children will face expensive medical procedures once home, the financial burden on families is often unbearable.

Your gift to the Special Needs Adoption Fund eases that burden — making a child’s dream of a family come true.

Last year alone, Holt awarded 37 SNAF grants totaling $91,300. This year, we will need to raise the same amount to ensure we can support every family who needs help funding their adoption. But so far, our 2015 SNAF campaign has raised just $42,346 of our $100,000 goal.

Would you consider giving again?



When a loving family comes along for a child with special needs — a family also uniquely equipped to care for them — that opportunity may not come again. Your gift to the Special Needs Adoption Fund could truly mean the difference between a child growing up in a family, or in an institution. It’s that simple.

Here is a letter written in April from one family waiting to bring home their daughter from South Korea:
Family (Gibler)[1]Dear Contributing Donors,

I am writing this letter in gratitude for your donation to the Special Needs Adoption Fund. Your donation is making it possible for us to adopt a girl with medical needs living in South Korea.
Daughter (Gibler)[1]
Our family’s adoption story starts over 15 years ago. Before we were married we were in agreement that adoption would be our first option in building our family. In June 2009, with help from Holt International as our adoption agency, we brought home a 6-month-old bouncing baby boy from Ethiopia. In May 2012, we returned to Ethiopia to bring home our 14-month-old daughter. Recently, on January 26, 2015, we got the call from our Holt International social worker that we were matched with a 14-month-old girl with special needs from South Korea. We are all so excited to meet this sweet little girl! Knowing that this little girl may need some medical observation and possible therapy, and with this being our third adoption, we decided to apply for the SNAF grant. We were so pleased to find out that we were awarded this grant!

Thank you so very much for your contribution to this fund. Your donation is a tremendous help in bringing our daughter home and completing our family.


Andrew and Rhonda Gibler




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