It All Started With a Holt Sponsor

A letter from Holt Cambodia staff to Holt child sponsors and supporters. 

Dear Sponsor,

On behalf of our colleagues and the children we serve in Cambodia, I would like to thank you very much for your support for all of our programs. It is very helpful to children in rural areas who have little access to education.  Education is a key factor in the development of our country as well as the development of stronger, more self-reliant families. Without your support, our children may not be able to have a good education or stay with their families. Your support is a valuable gift for all of them.

In 2014, your support enabled Holt Cambodia to directly serve 871 children. Through your sponsorship, you have helped to support educational programs, family strengthening activities, a community library, rice bank, women’s self-help groups and income-generating activities to help families independently support their children.

In 2014, 546 children benefited from educational support. All children received schooling materials, uniforms, emotional support, and some hygiene materials. Sixty-one students continued their schooling until the end of university.

Sien Sok-Ny is a young girl from Porsat province who graduated in 2014, earning a degree in management. She now is very proud to have a full-time job at Cambodian Indigenous Youth Association as a program officer in charge of women’s issues. She hopes to be able to help other children stay in school and complete university.

Sien Sok Ny-1

 Last year, you also helped provide approximately 53 families with a one-year loan to start an income-generating business and enabled approximately 270 families to participate in Holt-supported self-help groups. For example, the Pav family in Takeo province faced great difficulties as they were very poor and not able to afford school fees for all four of their children. The parents did not have permanent jobs, which caused lots of problems and quarrels. When Holt Cambodia provided the family a loan of $100, they bought 2 piglets. After 3 months raising them, they sold the pigs and bought one cow. With that profit, they could buy 2 cows — continually improving their income. Now, they can afford to send all four of their daughters to school.

The rice bank program is open once a year during the rainy season to loan rice to poor families who face hunger during annual shortages. When they harvest their new crop, the families then return the same amount of rice they borrowed. In 2014, 76 families borrowed a total of 7850 kg of rice from the rice bank.

We supported the community library in Takeo province to provide children with access to books and computers as public schools do not provide access to these resources. In 2014, 1736 children used the library.

In Kompot province, Holt Cambodia has formed six self-help groups to empower women as they work to develop their families and communities. All members receive skill trainings in different income-generating activities. In 2014, 137 families with 285 children under 18 received support. A mother in the group, named Lay, started raising pigs after she got training through our program and received a loan from the savings group. By joining our program, Ms. Lay has a new hope that her youngest daughter will be able to receive a good education, can graduate university and get a good job.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your support that enables so many children in Cambodia to stay in school and have hope for their future. Your support is priceless and is a great gift for children. It also enables us to broaden our mission to support more children in 2015.

On behalf of our children in Cambodia, I wish you happiness, health, prosperity and success in all tasks.



Country Director, Holt Cambodia


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