Because Success in School = Success in Life

Education-BannerSchool is out for the summer! But not for long.

Soon, American families will start thinking about sending their little ones back — pouring into retail stores to buy clothes, shoes, supplies and backpacks for a promising new year.

But for many children around the world, school is often out of reach.

Many obstacles, including the lack of basic school supplies, stand in their way of receiving an education and reaching their God-given potential. Without a proper uniform, many children aren’t even allowed inside the classroom.

That’s why today, I am asking you to give a gift of $17 to provide a uniform, textbooks and shoes so that a child in need can succeed in school.

And when you make your gift, please join me in making a promise to pray every day for the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve — pray for their safety, quick learning and a strong sense of purpose.

Your gift today will ensure a child is equipped to succeed in school. Because as we all know, success in school so often means success in life … And through your Prayer Promise, our prayers will unite to bless children around the world as they work to achieve their dreams!


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