Top 5 Facts About Adopting From Korea

Are you still trying to decide which country to adopt from? Do you have friends or family interested in adoption? We urge you to consider adopting through our Korea program — and to share this infographic and list of Top 5 Facts about Korea Adoption on social media!


  1. There are many children in Korea waiting for a loving family! For years now, we’ve battled the misconception that adoptions from Korea are coming to an end. While the political, economic and social landscape in Korea has changed — helping more and more children stay with their birth families or find adoptive families in their birth country — the need for international adoption hasn’t gone away. For many children in Korea, international adoption is the only route to a permanent family.


  1. The care children receive in Korea is second to none! While waiting to join an adoptive family, all children stay in the loving care of a foster family – providing nurturing, individual attention to help children reach critical developmental milestones, and form healthy emotional attachments. Korea’s exceptional medical care system also keeps children healthy and strong while they wait to come home.

  1. Our Korea program is strong, stable and reliable. We are well equipped to predict the timeframes from application to match, and match to home. We have staff with incredible expertise, due to our 60 years of experience working in international adoption that all began in Korea!



  1. The children waiting for families are mostly boys with minor to moderate medical needs —conditions that are often treated or resolved before your child travels home, as well as children with more involved medical needs waiting for families too. Most children are 2 years old when they join their family.


  1. Korea recently expanded their parent eligibility, so now couples who are both of full Korean heritage , Korean adoptees and families who have previously adopted from Korea can be 49 at the time of application.

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