Holt Helps Open a New Daycare Facility in Vietnam

In 2014, Holt helped to build a daycare center for children with special needs in Vietnam. The facility, which opened earlier this year, currently supports 3 children and hopes to soon provide services to more children and families in the area.


Since 2010, Holt International has helped to run a respite daycare facility for children with special needs in Binh Duong, a province in Vietnam north of Ho Chi Minh City. While the need for daycare services is great in this area, the facility has only been able to serve 4 or 5 children each year. After an assessment was completed to identify the cause for the low attendance, it was determined that many impoverished families in the area found the distance to the daycare to be too great. Many families also faced the extra challenge of trying to travel with children whose disabilities were too severe to make the journey to the daycare.

After the assessment, Holt International saw the need and decided to help Binh Doung orphanage build one more small facility located on an empty space of land at the Binh Duong Social Protection Center. “The goal is to help provide more service location options to serve children in need and their families,” Hang Dam, country director of Holt Vietnam, says.


The new facility, completed in January of this year, began operation in February. It has one large activity room, a small kitchen to prepare milk for the children, and a bathroom. The facility is also equipped with cribs, fans, lights, kitchen supplies and a washing machine.

When a child enrolls in this daycare, he or she receives an initial medical check-up and a nutrition plan. “And through this daycare service, children will receive more interaction and stimulation to promote their development so they can reach their full potential,” Hang says.

Currently, three children are enrolled in this daycare, all who are suffering form malnourishment. The daycare center also houses one staff member. With generous assistance from Holt supporters, Holt, with the help of other government agencies, is able to finance the children’s nutritional needs as well as the salary for the daycare staff member. “Holt Vietnam staff and the center’s board manager hopes that this facility will soon be at full capacity so more children and families can benefit from this project,” Hang says.


“The birth of this facility has opened a safe and quality child care center for children with special needs [whose] families are too poor to address their needs,” Hang says. “The project also gives the children’s parents the opportunity and time to work to earn better income, and take care of their children’s needs and their family in the long run.”

DSC01731-2Help more children with special needs received the specialized therapies, care and support they need to thrive!


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