An Update on Molly Holt

018_15A_1 As many of you know, our beloved Molly Holt, daughter to Holt founders Harry and Bertha, suffered a series of health setbacks two years ago, including cancer and ongoing complications from shingles.

Through wonderful medical care, and the prayers and support of family and Holt friends like you, Molly was able to recover, and today, Paul Kim, Holt’s director of Korea programs, says she is doing very well. “She is completely done with chemotherapy, and is managing her shingles,” Paul says. Molly will even travel from South Korea to Oregon this summer for a family reunion.

Molly’s mother, Bertha, had a special place in her heart for children with special needs, and today, Molly continues to carry out her mother’s vision — devotedly caring for children and adults with special needs at the Ilsan Center in Korea. Molly’s love for the world’s most vulnerable children can be felt in every country where Holt works.

We hope that you will continue to offer your prayers for Molly’s health and continued well being, and offer your support for the children with special needs around the world who have been touched by Molly’s legacy.



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  1. I am a Holt sponsor, and I have a heart for special needs kids, and adults as well. You see I have daughter who is now 26 and has been on the spectrum since she was 3. God has given me a vision to open up a school for special needs young adults ages 21-25 to provide them four more years of education , as well as life skills to prepare them for a brighter future. The school is still in developing stage but with The guidance of the Holy Spirit is coming along nicely. Our website is Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Tammie Hill

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