Give Hope on Two Wheels This Mother’s Day!

Chanunsiri_1Last January, 15-year-old Nissa received an unexpected birthday gift from her sponsor in the U.S… A blue bicycle wrapped in a red Christmas tree garland! It had a matching blue basket and a big banana seat on which her two little brothers could take turns riding behind her.

“My birthday is on January 20 and I have never received a birthday gift,” wrote Nissa in a thank you letter to her sponsor. “This year, I received a gift from you that makes me feel proud and very grateful.”

Like so many children in Holt programs around the world, Nissa and her brothers live in a rural area where transportation options are virtually non-existent. As few families can afford bicycles, many children walk long distances just to get to school. In Nissa’s village in Thailand, streets also flood during the rainy season — causing children to walk barefoot through dirty water.

Nissa and her brother can now get to school on time every day!

Rather than send them on a long and treacherous journey to school every day, some families will opt to keep their children home.

They miss out on an education… just because they don’t have a ride to school.

Children without bikes often walk barefoot through muddy water to get to school.

That’s why, when you give a gift of a bicycle, you are truly investing in a child’s future. And by ensuring for her child a safe, speedy journey to school, you will make a mom’s day a little less worrisome and a lot more bright…

Chanunsiri_and Mom
Nissa and her mom, who is so happy that her children now have a safe and reliable ride to school.

This Mother’s Day, honor your mother by giving hope — hope with two wheels and a seat big enough for two. Shop Gifts of Hope!


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