Samira’s Journey to Healing

Susie Doig, Holt’s senior director of adoption services, shares about Samira, a beautiful little girl who needs and deserves to know what real stability and love looks like in a loving family of her own.


Update 07/27/15:  Samira has a family!


Samira, Born May 7, 2009 in Southeast Asia 

Samira needs a family

All children come to adoption through trauma and loss. Some children have missing pieces of information or undocumented trauma, while other children’s losses and trauma are documented in painful detail. Samira’s story is one of hope but also one of great sadness. Samira came into the world experiencing the loving care of her birth mother and then a doting foster family, but this care was interrupted by a brief period of intense abuse. Samira has experienced things no child or adult should ever have to live through. And while this abuse was relatively short, it has left lasting scars both physically and emotionally that will take a lifetime for this little girl to heal. But Samira is resilient, she’s a fighter, and she continues to show her inner strength and potential. She is described as a smart, inquisitive girl who, as an infant and toddler, had advanced language skills and showed a keen curiosity in the world around her.

Samira is also all girl, and her interest in fancy dresses, high-heeled shoes and handbags has never wavered! After experiencing extreme physical abuse at the age of two by a person she should have been able to trust, her confidence has been shaken and it’s taken time and lots of support to help Samira begin to believe that the adults around her can be trusted to meet her needs. Samira, like all children, deserves to feel a sense of permanence and belonging in a family that can love her unconditionally. In order for a family to be able to meet her needs, they also need to be equipped with special skills and training to understand Samira’s behaviors in the context of her abuse history, and be able to access therapy services to help support Samira in the long-term process of understanding and making sense of her life experiences. Patience is also a key quality Samira’s parents will need, as they work to help Samira develop a sense of “felt safety” in a new family and new environment. It takes Samira time to warm up to strangers, and she will likely have a difficult transition into an adoptive family. Samira will fit best in a family where she is the youngest, and can get the focused attention and nurturing that she craves. For a family able and willing to help Samira heal and grow will come the indescribable privilege of joining this girl on her life’s journey and standing by her side as she blossoms to her full potential.

Susie Doig | Senior Director of Adoption Services

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