Share the Spirit of Christmas With a Child in Need…

As a Holt supporter, your gifts make a tremendous difference in the everyday lives of children.

You help to ensure children have everything they need to grow and thrive — from nourishing food and warm clothing to the nurturing care of a loving caregiver or family member.

But Christmas is not every day. It is a day of celebration… a day to be with loved ones and to share our many blessings with those in need.

This year, you can extend your blessings and share the heart of Christmas with an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child. Watch your mailbox for a special package that includes a Children of the World ornament for you to sign and return by November 30. When we receive all the ornaments, we will send them for the children to receive at a special celebration. Or if you would like to give online now, click here!

Although our celebration with the children will vary from region to region, know that every gift you send of $25 or more per child will help us give the children a day to remember — a day of comfort and joy that truly captures the heart of the holiday so many of us observe here at home.

We are grateful for all you do for children, and God bless you for sharing the wonder of Christmas with a child in need this year. We can’t begin to accomplish this without you, and we are so happy we have the chance to do it with you!

Click here to share the spirit of Christmas with a child in need!

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