From Children in China to Their Sponsors in the U.S… Thank You!

Earlier this year, Holt’s China staff interviewed several children in Holt’s sponsorship program in Nanning, Guangxi province. Click below to view a few short clips of the children sharing a message with their sponsors in the U.S.!

Four years ago, Holt started a family strengthening project in Nanning to help orphans living on their own and young students from vulnerable single-parent families. Most of the children have lost at least one parent. In some cases, the one remaining parent in these children’s lives has left them — leaving them with no support, and no one to care for them.

With support from Holt sponsors, over 2,200 children are able to attend local schools in this mountainous area of southern Guangxi province. Holt funds a portion of the children’s nutritional support, education materials and tuition fees. By covering their educational expenses, this project also helps children who have living family members to remain in the loving care of their birth families — preventing separation due to economic stress. Donations also help to provide school uniforms and bedding for the children.

This project is managed in partnership with the local Nanning Education Foundation and the local government in Heng County.

In both 2012 and 2013, the Civil Affairs Ministry and China Charity Federation named the Holt Nanning Family Strengthening project one of the 40 most influential projects in China.

Click below to see and hear from a few of the students in this program…

China-Sponsored Children Testimonials from Holt International on Vimeo.

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