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If you have been waiting to take that next step in your adoption journey, there’s no better time to apply to Holt’s China program then right now!

Did you know that Holt’s China program has over 100 children waiting for families on our photolisting? Did you also know that we currently have more children waiting in China than we have families to match them with?

 Holt’s waiting child photolisting is an online resource featuring photos and information about children who have varying degrees of special needs, and who ALL need permanent, loving families. Recently, our China team updated the photolisting to include more photos and videos of the children! Many of these children are in care at one of Holt’s partnering orphanages, which means a member of Holt’s staff in China has likely met the children and directly gathered the photos, videos and information about their health, history and personality in their photolisting profiles.

We hope that you will check out the photolisting, and request more information! Your journey to the child who is waiting for you could be just a click away. Click here to go straight to the China photolisting.

As a preview, read the following profiles of four children who are currently waiting for families. 

*Byron –5/16/2009

This caring boy likes to help other children. He has an easygoing personality and is described as talkative and open. He is attached to his caregivers and gets along well with adults and other children. When Byron came into care at 2 years old, he was developmentally delayed. He could sit with help, but could not walk or speak. He has, however, made great progress since then, and can now walk unassisted, use crayons, identify colors and speak in sentences. He is also described as a fast learner. Byron was recently visited by a Holt social worker who calls him “an exceptionally bright child!”





*Ruben – 2/6/11

This handsome boy is healthy overall with no issues from the conditions he initially presented when he came into care, including a minor heart condition (PFO). Ruben attends school and gets along well with his classmates. His cognitive and motor development is normal, and although he speaks in sentences of up to four words, his pronunciation is sometimes unclear. Since joining a foster family in January 2014, Ruben has made good progress and is described by his foster parents as easygoing, intelligent and inquisitive. A Holt social worker who visited Ruben recently observed that he is a smart, open, helpful and observant child. She also noted that he attaches and adjusts well.


Byron and Ruben come from the same Holt partner orphanage in Jiangsu, China.


*Melissa – 7/29/2006

Melissa came into care when she was approximately a year old and joined a foster family in August 2007. While in the care of her foster family, she suffered a seizure. She now takes epilepsy medication and hasn’t had another seizure. Melissa’s right hand is weaker than her left, and she has received physical therapy to help strengthen it. By the time she was 6 years old, Melissa could recognize many Chinese characters, count to 100 and finish her homework very well.










*Theo — 12/31/07

Theo is a very cute and smart little boy who came into care when he was 12 days old. He was diagnosed with arthrogryposis, with the charact

eristic symptoms of inflexible wrists and elbows. However, he uses his hands quite dexterously. Theo can unscrew a lid from a bottle, and build a tower with blocks. He runs and jumps with ea

se, but needs help with some daily activities, such as getting dressed and taking a shower. Theo benefits from the care of a loving foster family. Everyone comments on his intelligence, and his foster father believes he has a high IQ. During a recent visit, a Holt staff member was impressed to see how he came up with creative ways to solve math problems. When Theo learns new songs at school, he often comes home and sings them to his foster mom.

*Theo and Melissa are from the same Holt partner orphanage in Hubei, China.


Enjoy a video of Melissa (above) and Theo…



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  1. It frustrates me that many of these adorable children were not adopted as infants s they wouldn’t be waiting children now.
    M.A. Mom of 7, 4 born to us, 1 son from Korea thru Holt, 2 refugee teens from Vietnam. Our oldest daughter died of cancer in 2006 at 41 after a valiant 4 yr fight to be with her 3 little girls longer. Our son from Korea was so close to her, loved her so much. He’s 37 now and still grieves. Her girls are doing well.

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