Summer Reunion

Is there any better way to celebrate summer than by gathering with old friends for an action-packed weekend of activities, laughter and fun?

Holt’s branch assistant for our Midwest office, Laura Sykora, adopted two children from Ethiopia, and last month she gathered with six other families for a weekend-long camping trip and we couldn’t help but share their adorable photos!

Laura says, “We have a group of families that all adopted their children from the same orphanage in Ethiopia that stays in contact with each other.  One of the adoptive parents got the ball rolling to do a gathering in Missouri (a central location for most families) to get kids together again and spend a long weekend camping and meeting up. We spent time swimming, roasting hot dogs and smores, went to a  baseball game and on the last day all of the families enjoyed an Ethiopian lunch together.  The kids were really happy to see their friends again and it was really good for parents to reunite and talk about experiences they have had with their families adjustments and how the kids are doing. All of the families were amazed with how well the kids did together and that we plan to make this a yearly occurrence.”

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  1. Fantastic! We’ve participated in a camping trip in Oregon with other adoptive families for over 15 years. We love all the other families, we learn so much from each other, and our kids get a chance to build connections and identity with other international adoptees — so important!

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