This Sweet Sibling Group of Three Needs a Family!

Mae, Jake and Noah — Date of Birth:  11/00, 06/02, 11/04

*In accordance with child safety laws in the Philippines, we can only show pictures of Mae, Jake and Noah with other children.  For more information about this sibling group, contact Jessica Palmer at

This beautiful sibling group of three is waiting for a family who is ready to open their hearts to them. They are polite, sweet and healthy older children. 13-year-old Mae is described as dependable and caring.  She faithfully attends her classes and finishes her homework on time. She loves taking photos. Mae is also a caring older sister to her two younger brothers, Jake and Noah. She reportedly is on target developmentally and relates well with her peers in the care center. In the future, she wants to be a teacher or a nun so that she can help others. Jake is 11 and a half. He is a nurturing older brother who is shy and athletic and makes friends easily. He recently started attending the private school where his two siblings attend. His favorite subjects are social studies and crafts. Noah, 9,  is very athletic and performs well in school. He excels at math. This sibling group’s birthmother died in 2006. They experienced a traumatic time with their birth father until he was imprisoned and they began living with an older sibling, who relinquished them in 2011. The birth family hopes that these children will be successful in life once with their new family. An experienced adoptive family who can help these children heal from past traumas is needed. Their adoptive family should also have a good understanding of older child and sibling group adoption and prepare any children currently in the home well for the transition.

Single or married applicants accepted. * See country criteria for complete requirements, often flexible for waiting children


 Below is a blog written by Holt adoptive parent Elizabeth Occiphinti about Mae, Jake and Noah. Elizabeth traveled to the Philippines late last year on Holt’s third annual Philippines Ambassador trip. While there, Elizabeth and the group bonded with 13 children, then returned to the U.S. to help the children find their forever families.  

by Elizabeth Occiphinti

With the storm bearing down on the Philippines, my only solace is to continue to tell my impressions of the 13 wonderful children I met while visiting the programs there, in hopes that together we can find them forever families!

Siblings Mae, Jake, and Noah are absolutely lovely children. The oldest, Mae, is a beautiful girl. She was ill for the beginning of my trip, so I had little opportunity to observe her. She toured facilities with the other half of the team and joined us for a party at the end of our time together. I observed her during that time to be gentle-spirited. She loves photography and taking pictures. She is caring, quiet and lovely.

I also spent time with Mae’s brothers, Jake and Noah, over the course of the week. They were incredibly athletic and personable. I spent over an hour retrieving a ball they would toss to me in the pool – I am sure they thought it was quite funny to throw it over my head and watch me swim to grab it! Both boys are engaging, personable and handsome. I can still hear Jake calling after his brother; every time we would gather ourselves up to leave or head for a meal, Jake would call Noah and look out for him. Both boys are very polite. The older was brave enough to tackle a 5-story zip-line. Inquisitive, engaging and able to speak English, this sibling group would make a terrific addition to a family.

For more information on Mae, Jake and Noah, contact Jessica Palmer at 


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