Children in China Need Families!

The group of travelers with the new Journey of Hope project tour gather for a welcome photo.

Earlier this month, the Chinese government invited Holt to participate in a new Journey of Hope project, which has expanded for the first time to the Guangxi province. Journey of Hope is a special adoption home-finding program in China that aims to find families for children who have been looked over, typically due to their age or special needs.

For this trip, Holt sent Kris Bales, an adoption counselor with more than a decade of experience working with Chinese adoptive families. Over five days, she visited the children in the Guangxi province Journey of Hope program at the orphanages and foster homes where they live.

She met and played with many children, ages 2-13 years old, and spoke with their caregivers about the type of family that would be right for each child. Many of the children touched her heart, and she returned ready to advocate for 26 children who are newly designated to Holt for home-finding. Kris chose each child because she truly believes we can find a family for them.

For many of these children, Holt has already set aside Special Needs Adoption Fund grants to help cover the cost of their adoptions. Several are very close to aging out of the Chinese welfare system, and this is truly their last chance at finding a family. The children come from foster families or care centers with a high standard of attentive care to children, and many of these children have shorter wait times to travel home than children in the standard process.

Check out small profiles of two of our new children:


Brandon with his foster father. Brandon says he desperately wants a family to call his own, before it’s too late.


D.O.B. 1.2.2001

Brandon only has seven months left to find a family, and even though the Chinese government has agreed to expedite his adoption process, he knows he needs a family to step forward now. Kris met Brandon and says that he is a kind, friendly 13-year-old. He has a close relationship with his foster parents, who he has lived with for the past six years. He is healthy and smart, and does well with English and math in his sixth grade class. He underwent surgery to repair his cleft lip and palate ten years ago, and has grown tall and handsome.

Brandon desperately wants a family. He has been learning English with the hope of improving his chances at finding loving, permanent parents. He would also love siblings. A couple years ago, one of Brandon’s foster brothers was adopted to a family in the United States, and Brandon wants to reconnect with him one day. Brandon likes sports and computer games, and playing with his friends. He is kind and helpful to his younger foster sister and he gets along very well with other children.

Kris says Brandon is bright, engaged and very eager to be adopted. We pray we find his forever family soon, and we hope you will join with us in prayer and help share his story.

Brandon has a $5,000 Special Blessings Grant to help cover the costs of his adoption.


D.O.B. 11.14.2005

Jerry is a bright and polite 8-year-old boy. He is quiet and a little shy, but has many friends. He loves to recite poems and dearly wants a family to call his own.

Jerry has dwarfism, but is otherwise healthy and doctors say that he does not have any of the common medical issues associated with dwarfism. He is, however, significantly behind in school. Jerry entered care at the age of 5, and authorities think he lived with his birth family until then. He lacked communication skills and his speech was heavily delayed. However, over the past three years, he has received specialized training and therapy to develop his communication skills, and he is learning quickly in his kindergarten class. Kris says he communicates very well, and he even wanted to show off his artwork and report card.

Jerry is sweet and gentle and lively with other children. He is ambitious and learns quickly, and even asks to be a teacher’s assistant in his class. He would love siblings and a family who can foster his love of art and painting. He likes to draw animals and landscapes from books and he has a ready smile when he feels comfortable. He likes games and playing with friends.


You can check out Jerry and Brandon on Holt’s waiting child photolisting, along with the other 24 children waiting for permanent, loving families through our newest Journey of Hope project. For more information about one of these beautiful kids, or to learn more about children from our other Journey of Hope projects throughout China, please contact Kris Bales at For more information about eligibility requirements to adopt from China, check out our website or call us with specific questions.

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