An Update on Molly Holt

A special church service with the Ilsan residents.

Bob Bowen, Holt’s vice president of marketing and donor relations, is currently traveling back from a trip to South Korea and Vietnam.  While in Seoul, Bob and other Holt International staff members visited Molly Holt at the Ilsan Center.  His first trip to the country where Holt’s history began, Bob came away with a new perspective of Holt’s mission, and was inspired by Molly’s powerful love for the children and other residents at Ilsan.

As a first timer to Holt-Korea at Ilsan, a “normal” visit would have been such a great experience, but God had something much more in mind for us on Sunday. We arrived at Molly Holt’s home before 10 AM and were greeted by Dr Cho, Molly ‘s faithful personal care physician and close friend. Molly was so engaged and attentive. She told us that we had arrived on a very special day. Multiple church groups from the area would be sharing in one large church service at Ilsan, and the Ilsan choir would be performing. During the service, Molly translated for us. Later, we were treated to a real church BBQ potluck. With over 300 people, including the Ilsan residents and staff, it was a big celebration. What a special time to be with Molly.

Our tour of Ilsan was guided by Matt and Joelyn, a couple from Federal Way, Washington completing their two month volunteer activities. What an amazing and professional couple. Joelyn, an adoptee, came to meet her birth family after a heritage tour back in 2011.

Bob presents Molly with a card signed by Holt International staff in Eugene, Oregon.

Molly really enjoyed having Robin Munro, Holt’s managing editor, by her side, sharing stories and her vision for the future of Ilsan. And Molly agreed to be my very first guest on “Holt TV,” our new effort to communicate monthly about Holt. More to come on that.

Molly shared with us all afternoon. She was animated and full of energy. Dr. Cho was even amazed at her energy.  The day ended with prayers, hugs and photos, and my last words to Molly were that we would all continue to pray for her and for Ilsan, and mostly that we would continue to serve as a message of God ‘s great love for children.

Molly reminds us all that her “Daddy,” Harry Holt, was a man of great vision and calling. Walking the grounds at Ilsan, I now understand God’s calling on Harry, Bertha, and now Molly’s, life. Their commitment and determination over many years has left a lasting legacy of such great faith, hope and love.

Being with Molly and Dr Cho, seeing the many wonderful Ilsan residents and meeting the Holt-Korea staff has helped me to understand my role and place in this legacy of service.

May God continue to bless Molly and Ilsan.

Blessings from Seoul , South Korea

Bob Bowen

Vice President of Marketing and Donor Relations

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  1. I just submitted a comment re: your activities in Korea and was REJECTED because I appeared to be a “Spambot” What nonsense. So long

  2. I was so happy as I read this…so glad Molly was able to enjoy this event. I pray that she continues to have good days like this. Molly and her family’s sacrifice enriched my life when our daughter, Kristy joined the family in 1986. Molly escorted Kristy to the US and placed her in our arms. Thanks, Bob for this report!

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