Dory Needs A Family

Dory has already waited many years for a family of her own. Now, she is almost out of time. Please share her story with your friends, family and community. We know her family is out there, and you can help us find them!


DOB May 30, 2001

Quiet, gentle, and artistic, 13-year-old Dory needs a family to adopt her before she ages out of the Chinese social welfare system in May 2015.

Born with an ear malformation, Dory has a significant hearing impairment and did not start speaking until she was 7 years old.  She began living with a foster family in 2005, and her foster father helped her learn some lip reading skills and also some speaking skills. In 2010, Dory received plastic surgery to give her outer ears a more natural look and to widen her ear canal. The surgery was successful and did improve Dory’s hearing abilities and helped grow her confidence. Now, Dory hears well enough to respond if she is spoken to in a loud voice.

Dory attends classes at the orphanage, though she is significantly behind in her education because of her hearing impairment and difficulty communicating. She lives in foster care with two foster sisters, her foster mother and grandmother. Her foster family describes her as helpful and kind. She enjoys caring for younger children, which helps her break through her typically timid shell. Dory’s foster family says she has a bright smile. Dory is also a talented artist:  she does stitch work and beautiful calligraphy.

We are looking for an exceptional family who will understand Dory’s medical and therapeutic needs and can provide access to the services and resources she needs to thrive. Dory’s family should also have experience parenting older children. With a loving family, Dory will reach her potential and continue to blossom.

To adopt Dory, applicants must be 30-54 years old and meet an income requirement of $30,000 plus $10,000 per additional family member, with $80,000 net worth. More than four children in the home may be accepted. *See country criteria for complete requirements. Families with eligibility concerns may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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