Hector needs a family

Hector needs a family. Read and share his story!

Date of Birth: June 26, 2002, S.E. Asia

Eleven-year-old Hector smiles easily. Whether in school or meeting new people, a big grin spreads across his face as he chatters enthusiastically about his favorite things — traditional drums and singing, soccer and his favorite subject in school, science. The neighbors who live around Hector’s foster home watch Hector pedal his bike through the village with a seemingly permanent grin to match his cheery personality. Maybe Hector is riding his bike across the village to meet his friend, Scott, another pre-teen boy who, like Hector, spent much of his childhood waiting for a forever family. The two like to run and play, usually in bare feet with their jeans rolled up — Hector, the outgoing counterpart to Scott’s more reserved, artsy personality. Unlike Hector, though, Scott was recently matched with a permanent family in the United States.

Jessica Palmer, Holt’s director of adoption services in S.E. Asia, spent an afternoon with Hector and Scott during her visit to the region in October. Hector excitedly told Jessica about learning English in his 5th grade class. He’s in his first year of English language courses, and he has already learned to write and pronounce the ABCs and numbers 1-10. He even read Jessica a story, and told her about his best friends in the village and how they like to play soccer at school in the evenings.

“During our meeting, Hector was very interactive,” Jessica says. “Hector is cooperative, and smiles often.”

Hector has been in Holt foster care since he was a toddler. His father died shortly after he was born and his mother was unable to care for him. After joining his foster family, doctors discovered that Hector had a heart murmur. He has received treatment for the condition and doctors still monitor his heart, but today Hector is healthy and smart. He is largely independent in his daily routine, and he usually does tasks, like his homework, without needing much help. He helps his foster mother harvest and sell vegetables from their garden, and assists with other chores. He likes eating rice with fried pork and oyster sauce, which his foster mother often makes for him. Hector’s foster family describes him as self-confident, outgoing, sweet and affectionate — and they teasingly say he is a little spoiled! Hector gets along well with his schoolmates, and his teachers say he loves to learn new things. Hector was excited to tell Jessica that he had learned to swim!

Hector is waiting for a forever family that can provide him with love, individual attention, positive reinforcement and patience as he adjusts to his new surroundings. An ideal family will also have experience with older child adoption or parenting past his age. Couples that have been married for at least three years are eligible to adopt Hector.

See complete country criteria here.

For more information about Hector, contact Erin Anderson at erina@holtinternational.org.

Watch Hector read Winnie the Pooh!

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