This Tenderhearted Girl Needs a Loving Family

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DOB: June 18, 2004

Born on June 18th, 2004, Josie was found wrapped in a yellow coat and taken to an orphanage. She suffered from cleft lip and palate and an umbilical cord infection.

After Josie recovered from the infection, she was observed for 2 months before being sent to live with a foster family. Through the love and support of this temporary family, Josie thrived.  In 2005, Josie had surgery to repair her cleft lip, and 2 years later, another successful surgery to repair the cleft palate.

Today, at 11 years old, Josie has a vibrant, independent personality, loves to sing, and does so “with rich emotion,” according to her social workers.  Josie grew up in a foster family with many young friends in the neighborhood and an older foster sister with whom she was very close.  She even traveled 3 hours by bus on her own to see her sister who lived a different city. She likes cartoons, loves to draw and shares fairytales with the other children.

What’s most charming about Josie, though, is her kind heart, illustrated perfectly in this lovely story included in her file: One day on the playground, Josie’s friend stepped on an ant. This made Josie very sad. Josie ran to the teacher and said, “Teacher, I want to bring it home and give him treatment.” The teacher replied, “But if the ant was cured, it might bite you, then things will go bad.” Josie’s response to her teacher’s comment was endearing, to say the least. “He will not bite me, teacher,” Josie replied. “Because I treat him well, and he will treat me well also.”

While Josie has never been admitted to public school, she was home-schooled by her older foster sister and has completed the first grade curriculum. Josie was close with her foster family but they were no longer able to provide her with the social and educational support she needs.  She is now attending some classes at the social welfare institution where she has been living for the past couple of months.

Josie with her foster sister.

Josie was nearly adopted internationally this summer but the adoption was not completed.  Josie continues to express a strong desire to join a permanent, loving family through adoption.  Both her former foster family and the orphanage are very supportive of her wishes to be adopted and are willing to help prepare her for the transition to living with a new family.  Eager for affection, Josie needs a family who will nurture that beautiful soul and love her forever. She has seen her friends go home to families in the United States and hopes she has not lost her opportunity to be a part of a permanent family.

Please share Josie’s story and help this sweet little girl have her turn at a forever family of her own.

Josie needs a committed and experienced adoptive family who will understand and support the losses she has faced and the grief she will experience leaving her foster family and social welfare institution, which are all she has known. Her adoptive family should be prepared to support her educational and emotional needs, both of which will be significant given her lack of formal schooling and social experiences in China. Her family will need to access language, educational, medical and therapeutic resources.

To adopt Josie, applicants must be 30-55 years old and meet an income requirement of $30,000 plus $10,000 per additional family member, with $80,000 net worth.

For more information about Josie, please contact Kris Bales at Beth Smith at

* name changed

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