Harvey Needs a Family


DOB: 2.17.2003, China

Ask Harvey to pose for a picture, and he throws up his hands with a casual peace sign to go along with his sweet, simple smile. You can find him, most days, playing with his remote controlled car or his action figures. He gets excited to visit KFC or McDonalds, and while he’s in the top 25 percent of his class, he would rather watch cartoons or play on the playground than do homework. He’s polite, active, and consistently described as “lovely.”

Pretty typical 10-year-old boy, huh? Mostly.

At 8 months old, authorities found Harvey abandoned at an urban police station. Unsure of his birthdate, doctors gave him an estimated birthday of February 17, 2003. While Harvey appeared healthy, he was thought to be deaf. It wasn’t until he was transferred to a foster family at 2-years-old that his caretakers realized, not only could he hear, but really enjoyed musical toys. Harvey learned to speak later than average for children, and his foster family hired a specialist to help Harvey catch up. Soon, Harvey was counting to 30 and reciting poetry and children’s songs.

Now, Harvey still like reciting poems, and he amazes his teacher and foster parents with his remarkable memory. His speech and social abilities haven’t been hindered by his late start speaking, and he remains a healthy, sweet boy. He likes French fries and watermelon, anything blue and learning English words and songs.

While his schedule is pretty typical for a child of his age, his conversations with his foster parents are less than average. Harvey’s foster parents regularly talk with Harvey about adoption and help him prepare for a permanent, loving family. Harvey says he is a little nervous about potential language barriers, but otherwise looks forward to finding the family that will love him.

Harvey needs parents who are prepared for older child adoption and understand the impact of grief and loss on early transition. Harvey already had one family interested in adopting him, but the placement didn’t work out. His adoptive family should be willing to help him maintain contact with his friends and caregivers in China, and have access to medical and therapeutic resources that will help him reach his full potential.  To adopt this child, applicants must be 30-55+ years old and meet an income requirement of $30,000 plus $10,000 per additional family member, with $80,000 net worth and be in good health. See country criteria for complete requirements.

If you would like to learn more about Harvey, email krisb@holtinernational.org.

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  1. Hi, My name is Jeanne Tuohy, I’m 49 yrs old, married to a 53 yr old man , Andrew Tuohy and have an 8 yr old son, Andy. We’ve thought about adoption and I saw Harveys story and I just was so interested. He seems like such a sweet little boy. We are Catholic and attend church on Sundays and Andy goes to CCD classes. We’ve thought it would be nice for Andy to have a sibling. We could offer this child a lifetime of love. We could offer this child a lot of opportunities. We
    have a boat on the Manasquan River and we recently took a family trip to Alaska, where we bought a house. We feel family is very important and we would love this child. I don’t know how much money we need to be considered parents for
    this lovely child. Thank you, Sincerely, Jeanne Tuohy

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