Bryson Needs A Family!

Look at those big, brown eyes. Can you see the hope inside of them? It’s there, and it’s holding out for a family.

DOB: 10.17.2006, Africa

Bryson is 7 years old, and fairly new to Holt’s care. We are still getting to know him, so we don’t know a lot about his personality yet. However, a few of Bryson’s traits are easily observed. Every report about Bryson — whether from a doctor, caregiver or teacher — has the same comment: Bryson is very playful.

The word “playful” alone doesn’t mean much. How is he playful? Does he love to giggle at jokes? Does he turn basic activities into a fun game? Is he mischievous? Or, like many children his age, does he still see the magic and wonderment in simple things?

We have a few clues about what “playful” means to Bryson…

One report says that Bryson is playful and likes to sing songs. Another says he is playful and likes to help care for younger children. Perhaps the most heartwarming — and heartbreaking — report says that Bryson is playful, and his goals in life are to continue his education and become a better person. Bryson is also described as shy, but very respectful and kind.

Bryson entered care in 2010, after his birth mother died very suddenly. Bryson’s father wasn’t making an income, and faced the task of raising Bryson and his two teenaged sisters alone. Bryson’s father said that he wanted to give his son a promising and successful future.

Like most of the children at his care center, Bryson’s teachers and caretakers try to help him understand adoption. A report from November asks Bryson’s caretakers to record Bryson’s thoughts on being adopted. The answer might be the most telling indicator of Bryson’s “playful” spirit:

“He is very happy and expects his family like other kids in the care center.”

For most children, being described as “playful” doesn’t necessarily indicate anything out of the ordinary.  Free from the stress of adult life, most children maintain a near constant lightheartedness. One might expect a child like Bryson, however, to lose some of his innocence or joy. But Bryson is still playful — still resilient, optimistic and kind-hearted, despite some obvious hardships. He’s ready to love a family, and be loved in return.

As we get to know Bryson better, we will be able to tell you more about him and what makes him playful. But we hope we don’t have to. We hope before then, he finds a permanent, loving family who will take joy in discovering all the things that make Bryson beautiful.

Bryson is a healthy and has reached many of the developmental milestones for his age. He just started school, so he can’t read or write yet, but he is learning to count, identify colors and shapes, and form letters. His first 7 years haven’t been easy, but he is catching up quickly and hopes the next 7 years of his life hold better luck.

Bryson will do best in a family that understands the impact of grief and loss on development, emotional regulation, transition and academic learning. An ideal family will have access to any medical care he may need, and should also have a plan for how to communicate effectively with Bryson during the transition. Couples who have been married for at least two years and are between 25-44 years of age are eligible to adopt Bryson.

See country criteria for complete requirements.

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