What It Means To Be in the Holt Family

Adoptee and family testimonials about Holt’s post adoption services.

A Q&A with Holt adoptee Kim Lindebaum

Why did you contact Holt’s post adoption services department (PAS)?

Over the last couple years, I’ve had more of a desire to learn of my early years and was especially interested after reading Dr. David Kim’s book, “Who Will Answer…”  I then had the opportunity to travel to Korea with my daughter and family this past spring and decided I needed to know as much about my early years as I could find. So that was when I searched out Holt’s post adoption services.

 Who did you speak with, and how did they help you?

Debby Hanson was my contact and we corresponded several times as I wanted to visit a couple of Holt’s facilities while in Korea.  Debby was able to make the arrangements for me to visit Ilsan Center, where I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and hug Molly Holt.

What made your experience meaningful?

For me it is the “coming full circle” of who I am as a first generation Korean adoptee, with the opportunity of making my first return trip to my homeland and reading the autobiography of Dr. Kim, who uncovered so many of my hidden feelings by pointing out the facts of Holt’s early years.

Would you return to Holt’s post adoption services department or recommend to other adoptees for services?

Yes, if anyone isn’t sure where to begin and may have unanswered questions of their early years, or want to see what is in their adoption file, then I would encourage them to make contact with PAS either by email or telephone. They are most helpful and very compassionate to my feelings.


From a Holt adoptive mom who contacted Post Adoption Services for help securing her daughter’s citizenship:

“We knew we needed either a certificate of citizenship or a passport for our daughter after we completed the adoption several years ago (12!).

We completely forgot that we needed to do this.

As we considered some overseas travel recently, which included our children, we had a feeling we could not get a passport for our daughter because her Thailand passport had expired.

I called Debby at Holt, and she answered my questions. She suggested several other resources to check about passports. We have been communicating a lot through email as to how to answer specific questions on the application, which are confusing (to say the least!).

We realized it was important to get the certificate of citizenship, not only for the passport, but for drivers licenses and so much more that our daughter will need in the future for applications, etc.

Debby has stepped us through the process for applying for the certificate of citizenship.

Even though it has been over a decade that our adoption was finalized in U.S. courts, Holt was still happy to assist us through this process. I don’t know where I would have found the help I needed had it not been for Holt. They did not ask any questions, nor condemn me for not getting this done earlier. They have been more than gracious and helpful. I am so happy that we chose Holt and remain part of the Holt family.” — Holt adoptive mom, Becky

Lifelong members of the Holt family, a group of adoptees gather for a photo at the recent Holt event in Portland.


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