Phoenix needs a family

URGENT: Phoenix needs a family before he ages out, in May 2014! Please share his story to help give him the happy ending he deserves.

Date of Birth: May 2, 2000, China

Phoe´nix (n): 1. A bird that is periodically reborn, rising from its own ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle. 2. A person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.

If Hollywood turned Phoenix’s life story into a feature film, it would be a poignant underdog tale.

As a baby, Chinese police found Phoenix abandoned on the side of a rural road. Authorities searched for the little boy’s family, but didn’t find any relatives, and eventually placed him in an orphanage. Upon entering care, doctors gave Phoenix an estimated birthday of May 2, 2000, and when Phoenix was 2 years old doctors successfully operated on his cleft lip and palate. Because of the scars from his surgery, Phoenix’s speech is still a little slurred. He is otherwise completely healthy.

Now, Phoenix is 13 years old. He struggles in school, but he is responsible and hard working. In his sixth grade class, he answers questions quickly, and helps his classmates. His teachers say he is respectful and kind to his peers, and really wants to improve his grades. He is independent and shy, but bonds deeply with loyal friends. He likes computer games, playing outdoors, reading and watching T.V.

For several years Phoenix lived with a foster family, and he says he still misses them — and feeling the love of a family — every day. For 13 years, he’s longed and prayed for the attentive, nurturing love of a mother and father, brothers and sisters. He dreams of a family, and understands the concept of international adoption. He says he would like to be adopted abroad.

Unfortunately, Phoenix is almost out of time. In May 2014, he will age out of the system, and he will no longer be eligible to be placed in a permanent family. This is his last chance.

If Phoenix’s story really were a movie, a perfect family would miraculously appear in the final moments of the film. Unfortunately, Phoenix doesn’t have a family. But his story isn’t over yet! He is a kind, sensitive, eager-to-please little boy. He is introverted and clever. He holds his friends very close to his heart, and loves to play sports. He likes basketball, and almost always wins in track races. And he needs everyone’s help to make his movie end with a miracle: the miracle of a stable, loving family. He needs you to share his story and pray — pray that God might stir the heart of a family and make Phoenix’s future bright and full of love.

This young man waits for experienced parents who are prepared for older child adoption and understand the impact of grief and loss on early transition. They should be willing to help him maintain contact with his friends and caregivers in China, and have access to medical and therapeutic resources that will help him reach his full potential.  To adopt this child, applicants must be 30-55+ years old and meet an income requirement of $30,000 plus $10,000 per additional family member, with $80,000 net worth and be in good health. See country criteria for complete requirements.

Phoenix needs a family that has their dossier in China, or an approved home study for China and can be dossier-ready within a month. If you would like to learn more about Phoenix, email

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  1. That’s strange. I would recommend you call Holt, and have them transfer you to Erin. She really is the best person to talk to about Phoenix. I will forward your email address to her.

  2. Heather and Billie… looks like the original email in the article was incorrect and missing a “T” in the word “international”.

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