Gifts for Foster Families, Hope for Helpless Children

When you provide a gift to a Holt foster family through Holt’s Gifts of Hope catalog, you can help frail and sick children have a fighting chance at life!

 “Mom, I don’t feel well this morning.”

When you were a child, you most likely uttered this phrase on more than one occasion. You would wake up feeling hot and clammy. Your stomach would hurt, and your nose would be running. With loving care, your mother would give you a big hug and set you on the sofa. While she made you chicken soup, she would let you watch your favorite movie and get the rest you needed.

We need loving family members in our life to care for us when we are sick. At Holt, we feel blessed to have so many wonderful foster families to provide love and support to the children in our care.

Hong was sick with a skin infection when she first entered her foster mother’s care.

Little *Hong from China was weak and sick with a skin infection when she first entered her foster mother, *Jing’s, care. Hong had lost her appetite and rapidly began losing weight. She desperately needed medical attention. Jing made sure Hong saw the best doctors and was given the medicine she needed. Soon, Hong’s infection began to clear up. Jing also made Hong a variety of nutritious foods, and after a while Hong began to gain weight.

Described as a “lovely child” by her foster mother, Hong is now a happy and healthy little girl. When praised for her devoted care to little Hong, Jing simply replied: “It’s nothing to be a show-off about. I just do what a mom would do for her child.”

After some time in her foster mom’s care, Hong’s skin infection cleared up!

Last Christmas, thanks to generous Gifts of Hope donations, foster families received the supplies they needed to care for their foster children—gifts that Holt was very grateful for.

But orphaned and abandoned children are continually coming into Holt’s care. They will also require child care supplies. And their foster families will continue to need support. By providing a foster care Gift of Hope, you can help foster families take care of the helpless children who have been entrusted to them.

Foster mothers like Jing deserve a helping hand. The children in their care deserve a fighting chance.

And what better time to give than at Christmas.

*Names changed

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