Join Korea Adoption Webinar on Tuesday, Oct. 29!

Interested in adopting from Korea? Join Holt’s free webinar “Adopting from Korea” coming up on Tuesday, October 29!

In this online seminar — or “webinar” — Holt’s Korea program staff will share about the steps of the process, the length of time it takes to complete an adoption, eligibility guidelines, travel requirements, fees and costs, and much more. Since the webinar is live, you can ask questions of Korea adoption staff and receive instant responses — all from the comfort of your own home.

As a preview, here are a few facts about Holt’s adoption program and the current process to adopt from Korea:

  • Holt’s waiting list of home study-approved families continues to decrease and we anticipate the wait from home study approval to child match will continue to decrease in length.
  • Children coming home to families today are toddlers with minor, correctable health conditions — many of them self-correcting conditions that will resolve either before the child is matched, or while waiting to come home.
  • Adoptive families receive background information regarding the circumstances surrounding the child’s relinquishment and birth parent medical history.
  • Because Korean adoptions are made final by the Korean Family Court, children arrive home on an IR3 Visa and receive automatic citizenship.
  • Children stay in loving foster families, creating healthy emotional attachments that ease the bonding process with their adoptive parents as well.
  • Children in care in Korea receive exceptional and accurate medical diagnoses, treatment and care, and adoptive families receive monthly well baby checks and updates on their child’s growth and development.
  • Children are screened, assessed and treated very conservatively — and if conditions are detected, they are treated early or are resolved before the child arrives home.

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