Why I Work For An Adoption Agency

Steve Kalb, Holt’s director of adoptee services, is now a regular contributor to the online adoptee magazine Gazillion Voices. Click below to read his first published piece — a commentary that seeks to deepen the adoption conversation, and begin bridging the gap between agencies and adoptee advocates.

Several months ago I was approached by Kevin Vollmers and Shelise Gieseke to contribute to a new online magazine they hoped to launch in the fall. They told me it was going to be a cutting-edge magazine, bringing together leading adoptee voices from across the country. With topics that range from academic research to the latest in Adoptee art, there’s something for everyone.  As an agency insider, I felt I may be able to contribute by providing some unique context to a polarizing issue, so I agreed. Through several months of planning and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Kevin and Shelise launched the inaugural issue of Gazillion Voices a couple of weeks ago, to much buzz.

I’m extremely excited that Holt will play a small part in this new magazine. It creates an opportunity for readers to take the adoption conversation to new levels. This presents the chance to move beyond the good/bad binary, into a sophisticated and rich discussion about the complexities that come along with adoption. Below is an excerpt from my piece and a link to the magazine. Although there is free content, including my piece, to access the other articles you’ll need to subscribe.

Neither Steve Kalb nor Holt International earn money through the sale of this magazine.

“Perhaps advocating for adoptee rights and getting paid by an adoption agency aren’t mutually exclusive. Let’s be clear, my rationale sets on a large presupposition that international adoption can be done with sensitivity to culture, race, socio-economics and adoptee rights. To realize the promise of this vision, patience and effort are required and it will come at the expense of our lived experiences. However, I believe if all parties are open to discussion, a new type of adoption can emerge…” Continue to Gazillion Voices magazine

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  1. I am so glad Steve is part of this. He had a huge part in making the Holt Adoptee Camps places where adoptees could speak together honestly about their experiences and find support and love. He tried to work with the complexity, the joy and the challenge of being an international sdoptee. As a parent of three Korean adoptees, I really appreciate his work.

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