Help Celebrate the Birthdays of Children in Holt’s Care!


A child in care at the Holt Fontana Village in Haiti during last year’s International Day of the Child celebration.

Birthdays. We all have one. Most often, they are celebrated with family and friends, good food and gifts for the guest of honor — a joyful time of celebration for another hopefully happy and fulfilling year of life.

But for homeless and vulnerable children around the world, birthdays might look a little different. Many children don’t have much reason to celebrate.

Many don’t even know what a “birthday” is.

Sponsorship donations help provide children with their most basic necessities — gifts that these children are forever grateful for. But sometimes, along with the provision of their basic needs, children just need to have a little fun!

In an effort to make every child feel special and loved, Holt will throw exciting birthday celebrations on June 1st for children in Holt’s care around the world—from China to Ethiopia and many countries in between! This special day also fittingly coincides with the International Day of the Child.

The parties will include a special meal, decorations, treats and games. Every child will receive a pair of shoes, clothing, or other much-needed personal items. We’re planning to serve approximately 10,000 children!

Recently, child sponsors had the opportunity to participate in the celebrations by sending a special greeting and goodie bag to their sponsored child. Some sponsors also gave an additional donation above and beyond their normal monthly sponsorship to help with the parties.

Children in Cambodia holding up their gifts during last year’s celebration.

Here’s what we are asking you to do:  For children who don’t currently have sponsorship support, would you be willing to stand in the gap on their special day?  We hope that you will send a special greeting to a boy or girl on the sponsorship photolisting and make a one-time donation for the parties.

It’s easy. Just click here to select a child, then simply fill out the form and click “submit.”

Holt will compile all the greetings for the children and send them to our staff and partners overseas. And with your help, every child will receive a special greeting.

Click here to make a one-time donation to the general party fund that helps with party preparations and ensures that every child will receive a pair of shoes, clothing, or other much-needed personal item.

The party is just a couple short weeks away, and party preparations take time. So act quickly! Send greetings and donations now!

Children in the Philippines received a backpack and other goodies during last year’s party.



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