My Boys Never Forget Mother’s Day







By Carol Miller

My very first Mother’s Day was so over-the-top wonderful, I told my family there was no way they could ever top it! Then, it happened again. My boys know how to do it right!

I had waited a very long time to become a mother when we decided to adopt in the fall of 1989. My husband, Jim, and I started the adoption process, accepted Eric’s referral and began the wait for his arrival. We were told he would most likely arrive sometime in the summer of 1990. Surprise! We got a call at the end of April telling us that Eric would arrive on May 8th…just in time for Mother’s Day! That was the best give I could have ever received.

But the story gets even better. We decided Eric needed a sibling. So in the summer of 1991, we started the adoption process once again. On New Years Eve, 1991, we got a phone call about a little boy who needed a family. And once again, we started the wait. Surprise! We got a call at the end of April, saying that Alex would arrive on May 7th… just in time for Mother’s Day 1992! I was lucky enough to get the best gift ever on Mother’s Day, not once, but twice!


Alex arrives home!

After those exciting arrivals, things settled into what I would consider fairly normal family life. We are fortunate to live in a very diverse community with people from many different cultures. Our boys grew up with children from literally all over the world. Because of this, they were able to avoid some of the challenges they might have faced in other towns. I’ll always be grateful to people of all cultures in the community who not only accepted our boys, but also served as good role models and helped them learn how to be good, accepting people.

Eric and Alex

Today, Eric is 23 and lives and works in Iowa City. Alex is 21 and a junior mechanical engineering student at the University of Evansville in Indiana. Both boys have provided me with so many wonderful memories and adventures…and they continue to add to the list! Oh yes, and they NEVER forget Mother’s Day. And neither do I!



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