Want to Know a Secret About Holt’s China Program?

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News travels fast. And in today’s 24-hour news cycle, newspapers seem to publish a constant and steady stream of articles on the growing decline in international adoption. While one country closes their adoption program, another places tougher requirements on families hoping to adopt.

As a family considering adoption, don’t lose heart.

One fact remains: our world is home to a staggering number of orphaned and abandoned children. And every day, Holt continues to find loving families for children who need them.

In fact, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: Holt International’s China program works with far more children than we have families to match them with!

In China, a great many children with treatable or manageable conditions are waiting to find loving, adoptive families. Through strong relationships with the Chinese government and social welfare institutes, Holt is able to match many of these children with families in a relatively short timeframe. The process is smooth and reliable, and once you apply to adopt a child with an identified special medical or developmental condition, or an older child, your child can be home in 12-18 months!

As you consider your options, we encourage you to talk with families who have recently completed a special needs adoption from China. Experienced families are often a great source of guidance and insight.

Holt offers China webinars monthly.  Check back for our March webinar dates!

In the meantime, read some great stories from families who have come home with their children.  Click here

Ready to take that next step right now?  Contact Beth Smith at beths@holtinternational.org to learn more about adopting a child from China.


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