The Best of 2012

2013 has arrived!  But before we say goodbye entirely to the year 2012, let’s take a quick look back at some of the highlights of the year, reflected in wonderful stories from the field, and stories written by Holt International adoptive families, adoptees and Holt child sponsors.

Holt International’s Top 12 Stories of 2012—Uniting Families, Changing the Lives of Children.  

Children Who Give

January 2012

Hunter’s story — Our gift

A Little Extra Help for a Lifetime of Love

February 2012

How the Special Needs Adoption Fund (SNAF) changes lives

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In a Mother’s Words

March 2012

A letter of gratitude from a mother in Holt’s family strengthening program in Ethiopia…read more

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The Greatest Gift a Mother Could Hope For

April 2012

After losing her husband in a construction accident, a struggling mother of two in Vietnam receives assistance from Holt in the form of chickens and four months of feed — the basis for a small, but thriving, business. Greatest of all, both of her daughters are now well-nourished and attending pre-school. Jennifer Goette, Holt’s director of programs for South and Southeast Asia, reports…read more

Give a Gift of Hope to a Struggling family in one of Holt’s programs

The Blessing of Infertility

May 2012

The McBride family finds joy in two blessings from China. Wyeth came home in 2010, their daughter, Channing, in 2011…read more

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When the Tide Rolls In

June 2012

An adoptee’s story about diving deeper and embracing two more

A Brighter Day For Children

July 2012

Jennifer Goette, Holt’s director of programs for South and Southeast Asia, shares about her meaningful visits with two once-struggling families in Holt’s family preservation program. Through day care services and donations provided by generous monthly sponsors, children in the Philippines have been given hope for the future. Once only a program to support children going home to families in the United States, Holt’s child sponsorship program has broadened to include support for children remaining with their families…read more

A Girl Named Noely

August 2012

Brian Campbell joins Secret Keeper Girl speaker Suzy Weibel on a journey to Haiti this week. While there, the group will visit children at Holt Fontana Village as well as families in Holt’s family preservation program…read more

Don’t Be Afraid

September 2012

An older child’s touching letter to the children waiting for their families…read more

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Creating Healthier Communities, One Brick and One Family at a Time

September 2012

In communities throughout rural Ethiopia, Holt works with individual families to improve their health and wellbeing. In one community, Holt is going one major step further. Once complete, the Shinshicho Mother and Child Hospital will provide acute, quality care and emergency treatment for thousands of families and children — a vital service, especially when hours can mean the difference between life and more

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There She Is!

October 2012

Five days ago, 2-year-old Hyeon-a traveled from South Korea to Eugene, Oregon with Molly Holt to meet her new family, the Odils. Welcome home, Hyeon-a! more

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Adopting an Older Child — Is Fear Holding You Back?

November 2012

Shila Ann Henderson is the mother of 10 children, five adopted through Holt, three of whom came home after the age of five. “Some people think it’s too late for older children to be adopted, especially kids who have always been waiting,” says Shila. “Some think children who have experienced a harsh life will never overcome the effects. Those people have never met our Lan Lan, adopted at the age of 11, our Ningjie, adopted at the age of 10, and our son, Vu, adopted from Vietnam at the age of five — the sweetest, most loving children in the whole world!”…read more

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